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“The Mamos and the Trees of Peace” & the Peacetree Foundation, Part 1 of 3

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The documentary “The Mamos and the Trees of Peace” introduces us to the Mamos, the spiritual leaders of the indigenous people of the Sierra Nevada De Santa Marta in Columbia. As the last survivors of the Tairona civilization, they are Wisdom Keepers of their ancient tradition and work as conscious caregivers of Mother Earth. “The Mamos and the Trees of Peace” was produced in 2015 by Matthias and Isabella Walter, who also established the Peacetree Foundation. The Peacetree Foundation strives to ritually plant one million peace trees worldwide in order to strengthen connections between all of creation – nature, animals, and people – and to contribute to peace.

Matthias Walter speaks of the important message transmitted by the Wisdom Keepers. “The main message is actually that Mother Earth is a living organism, a living being in the way we all are. The Mamos are the guardians of the heart of Mother Earth, and their purpose as a First Nation is to guard the heart of Mother Earth. They want to remind us – their little brothers and sisters, as they call us so lovingly – they want to remind us that we are all and can be again guardians of the Earth. They remind us that we are simply alive, that everything is alive, that everything interacts, that everything is in communication with each other, and that the animals, the plants, the trees, everything, is alive and actually wants to interact and live together with us. And this is the main message that we need to remember again. For indigenous peoples, this is completely natural; there is no other truth.

Buddha experienced His enlightenment under a tree, so this shows how deeply we are actually connected to the trees, and that we can consciously reconnect with them. We all can do this by wishing for it again with all our hearts, and then we will be led, as we were led, perhaps to a peace tree planting, perhaps to a meditation. I think that is it, the Mamos’ most important heart concern: that Mother Earth heals again, because we are a part of the Earth, and that’s why we can also heal again as humanity and can perhaps find this place again, where we can simply feel in our hearts that we are all guardians of the Earth.”

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