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Amazing Wildlife Documentaries by Kim Wolhuter, Part 2 of 2



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Acclaimed wildlife filmmaker and photographer Kim Wolhuter was born in South Africa. Kim Wolhuter always strives to create awareness “that wilderness is not something to fear, but it is a natural place for our being.” He hopes to inspire people to “act and be responsible for saving our wild areas.” Kim believes that when we lose our connection with nature, we lose our soul.

In “Man, Cheetah, Wild,” Kim Wolhuter takes us to the Malilangwe Wildlife Reserve, where he reunites with a cheetah he has not seen in six months. To his surprise, she now has five little cubs, giving him the rare opportunity to document and share in the upbringing and everyday lives of these elusive and timid cats.

Kim Wolhuter also emphasizes that we have no right to shoot an animal. Moreover, understanding of the animals’ lives is key. The photo of his cheetah friend lovingly licking his toes has touched people’s hearts worldwide. “You’ve got to treat them as wild animals, and you’ve got to respect them for what they are. If you respect them and you show the confidence of all of that, you’re going to get all of that in return. I’m trying to go back in time to where man used to roam the wilds of Africa with these animals.”

Although he tries not to interfere with nature, when endangered species such as the cheetah cubs are in danger, Kim Wolhuter will try his best to protect them. When one of the cubs is injured, he successfully rescues and reunites the cub with her mother again. This beautiful film was nominated for “Best Presenter-led film” at the 2014 Wildscreen Panda Awards. In fact, all beings have this love and gratefulness within them, as Supreme Master Ching Hai explained during a conference in 2009. “See, the wilds, they are not wild, they are not that wild. They are very, very friendly, very adorable and are very grateful. If you’re good to them, they’re good to you. The best for us humans to do is not to interfere with their life. Just protect their environment and then they protect themselves.”

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