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Mysterious and Elegant Cats: “Kedi” and “The Cat Returns”

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Today, we will present two poetic movies about cats: “Kedi” and “The Cat Returns.” Our first movie is the beautifully made 2016 Turkish documentary, “Kedi.” Hundreds of thousands of stray cats roam the streets of Istanbul. They are a distinct part of everyone’s life. This is the story of seven of them. Produced by Ceyda Torun and Charlie Wuppermann, this touching and poetic film affectionately portrays the co-existence of people and street cats in the magnificent ancient city of Istanbul. It won several awards, including the 2017 Critics’ Choice Documentary Awards for Best First Documentary and Most Compelling Living Subject of a Documentary. Let’s now take a look at the Japanese animated fantasy, “The Cat Returns,” based on the manga of the same name by Aoi Hiiragi. On her way to school, teenager Haru risks her life and saves a cat from an oncoming truck. The cat she saves is no ordinary cat; he turns out to be the prince of the cat kingdom! In gratefulness, the king of the cat kingdom showers Haru with all sorts of surprising gifts. In addition, he sends a representative to ask Haru to come and marry the prince. The king’s representative mistakenly takes Haru’s response as her consent. In reality, Haru does not want to spend the rest of her life with the cat prince. Then, following the suggestions of a mysterious voice Haru finds a cat named Muta, who takes her to the Cat Business Office. It is here that she meets the sophisticated and stylish Baron, the male protagonist of the film. Shortly after meeting Baron, Haru suddenly finds herself swept away by a group of cats who are there to take her to the cat kingdom for marriage. Baron, his friend Toto the crow, and Muta run after the group to try and save Haru from her impending wedding ceremony. What will happen to Haru? Watch “The Cat Returns” to find out about the rest of Haru’s adventure. “Kedi” and “The Cat Returns” are two heartwarming movies about our beloved feline friends. Both touching and entertaining, they have shown us in their own way how much blessings and joy cats can bring to our lives. Our world would truly be Heaven if we all live peacefully with our precious animal friends.
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