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“Underdogs”: A Dog’s Courage & A Superhero

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Today we present not one film but two by the name “Underdog,” which follow the adventures of “human’s best friend,” our much-loved dogs. The first “Underdog” feature, also known as “A Dog’s Courage,” is a delightful Korean animated movie. The film gives viewers an opportunity to look at the unfortunate reality of abandoned canine friends, and to think about a world where humans and animals can coexist in love. Scriptwriter and director Mr. Oh Sung-yoon was inspired to create this movie when he saw the suffering images on television of stray dogs caged behind steel bars. “Basically, I thought the right to live was fundamentally a very important subject; we can make the connection between animal rights and human rights because both are about the same right to live.” “Underdog” won the Best Animation Award at the 2018 Silk Road Film Festival. In 2019, the screening of “Underdog” prompted the official closure of the last canine slaughterhouses in Seoul. The Honorable Park Won-soon, Mayor of Seoul and Shining World Leadership Award for Protection Laureate affirmed his determination to ban dog meat businesses in the capital, saying, “I believe in building a peaceful world that is also a safe place for animals.” His Excellency President Moon Jae-in, a Shining World Leadership Award for Peace Laureate, also lent his voice to a campaign against the dog meat trade in 2017, when he adopted a four-year-old dog named Tory, who was rescued from a dog meat farm. Let us now take a look at the 2007 American action-comedy “Underdog.” “Underdog” not only tells the story of an ordinary beagle who finds himself with extraordinary powers, but the film also sends a meaningful message about the cruelty and needlessness of animal experimentation, that can be appreciated by the whole family. Certainly, both “Underdog” films are eartwarming and entertaining, while reminding us of the deep compassion, courage, and preciousness of our canine friends.
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