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The Soulful and Exuberant Tabitha Brown (vegan), Part 2 of 3

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After watching the documentary “What the Health” and becoming a vegan, Tabitha regained her health and positivity. As a woman of faith, Tabitha received the message to share what she was eating via videos, which she is still doing to this day, with great success as unexpected opportunities presented themselves. “But I honestly feel like, ever since I've been on this journey, it just started shinning brighter. I truly believe I’m on assignment. I started this journey to save my life, but now, I’m helping to save other people's and I think that's the amazing part of it, so it definitely brought my spirituality and my assignment together and I cannot deny that, and I love it.” Having been raised in a Christian family, Tabitha feels that eating vegan is what was intended for us, just like food from the Garden of Eden. “I believe that we are supposed to eat from the land, and I believe that eating from the land heals us. I know it healed me. I don't judge anybody for their belief, but you have to believe what your body tells you.” Since becoming a vegan, Tabitha’s spirituality has flourished. Being so vibrant, she creates soulful, timely and welcome positive-mindset messages for her social media followers, whom she refers to as her “family.” “Because life is peaks and valleys, ups and downs, and we have to focus on knowing that the ‘up’ is coming again. And that's just how I live my life.” “If I lead by example and I do it with love, it’ll change the mind of people, because if you get somebody’s heart, then, they'll listen to you.” Tabitha Brown’s light shines brightly, and her powerful messages of self-love, self-compassion, kindness and resilience are a treasure for everyone.
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