Dr. Sam Semir Osmanagich and the Lost Pyramids of Bosnia (In Bosnian)
Mysterious Phenomena: Crop Circles with Barbara Lamb
Dr. Fred Alan Wolf and Quantum Spirituality
Dr. Steven Hairfield on The Sacred Principles of Karma
Bob Dean on the Reality of UFOs - P1/3
Holodynamics Science - A Conversation with Dr Vernon Woolf - P1/2
Rene Jorgensen:Bringing Light to Near Death Experiences
Dr. John Hagelin:Look Within to Understand the Universe
The Brain’s Role in Spirituality and Self-Transformation
Dr. Jeffrey Long: Evidence of the Afterlife
Gregg Braden: Seeking the Divine Code of Life
A Matter of Faith – Notable Scientists throughout History and Their Belief in God
Dr. Anthony D. Cicoria: The Story of One Man's Profound Near Death Experience
Mystical Brain with Filmmaker Dr. Isabelle Raynauld
Dr. John E. Brandenburg - Dead Mars, Dying Earth
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