Halo lovely viewers! Have you ever heard of a waltz or minuet? These famous ballroom dances were originally folk dances. In Europe, folk dances were developed by various ethnic cultures out of their social rituals and ceremonies from centuries or even millennia ago.

Unique movements and costumes of these folk dances reflect the characteristics of the particular people or region. Traditionally, the dancers dance in a group. They are not professionals, nor do they dance on a stage. Rather, they are ordinary people expressing a shared culture and sentiment to the fullest.

Today, we’ll enjoy just some of the folk dances presented at the 2010 International Folk Dance Competition. Performing are talented dance groups from four European countries: Estonia, Czech Republic, Latvia, and Finland.

First, the charming members of the Upsuad Folk Dance Ensemble from Estonia introduce themselves before we watch their cheerful performance.

Halo, we’re called Upsuad, and our folk dance team is coming from Estonia. Estonia is a small country in Baltic states which is in northern Europe. There is six pairs dancing, and we’re all enjoy folk dancing, and we spend quite a lot of time doing that.

Yes, we are people of different professions, but folk dance is our hobby. So after working days we meet and we dance. (Yes.) Our performance contains some dances, they are all based on Estonian folklore and the main topic is the topic between boys and girls, friendship, love, teasing.

Life itself.

Life itself, yes!

Viewers of Supreme Master TV, here is a warm welcome greeting to you from Estonia!


Next, hailing from the South Moravian region of the Czech Republic is the vibrant Danaj Folk Ensemble. This folk dance is performed only by the men. Valley, valley, painted valley Who darling, has ever heard about the floated stone? Malík’s sons have new boots, soles of steel, The band plays happy music, soles of steel, The band plays cheerful music!

And now, it’s the women’s turn to dance and sing. Soon after, they are joined by more women, and then by men. It’s all part of the fun social atmosphere of the Czech folk dance.

When it was the month of May, my darling bought me nice shoes.
When it was the month of May, my darling bought me nice shoes.
I like to wear them, I please beloved God, on the green meadow,
We sow, we sow hemp, to have a good harvest.
Chickens peck up food under the table.
We are few, Let the guys come among us.

Now, let’s enjoy original vibrant folk dances of Latvia, with the gifted Kalve Folk Dance Group.

Halo, Supreme Master Television, we are folk dance group Kirjavat from Finland.

So, we are a folk dance group Kirjavat from Lappeenranta, Finland, and there 13 dancers, 4 boys and 9 girls. And our director is Merja Skytta, she. (Halo!) And we have been dancing together for over 15 years now. And we have started dancing when we were very little. We are all about 20 years old or a little bit older.

The first dance that we danced today was a very traditional dance. And the second one is a newer choreography, newer folk dance from Finland. And the second one is from the 80s, a choreography from the 80s made by a Finnish choreographer.

This is called feresi, what we are wearing, girls, and it’s a Karelian traditional costume. And the boys are also wearing a traditional Karelian costume, with a vest and this loose shirt with embroidery.

Karelian dances that we danced, they’re very fast and lively. And also, people in Karelia and south Karelia where we are from, people are very happy and joyful, and that also shows in our dances.

Folk dances – what an enchanting and precious experience of togetherness and happiness for participant and onlooker alike! May this special tradition stay alive in their unique forms across the cultures of Europe and the world.

Thanks for your pleasant company on today’s Enlightening Entertainment. And now, please stay tuned to Supreme Master Television for Words of Wisdom, after Noteworthy News. May your life be lived to the fullest in God’s love.