Music is promoted to help overcome challenges in the Arab world - 2 Oct 2011  
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Jordanian Minister of Culture His Excellency Jeryes Samawi stated that music can assist in bringing harmony and a cultural resurgence in the Arab world, as reported by the Jordan Times.

His Excellency was speaking at the 21st Conference of the Arab Academy of Music, held in Amman. The Academy’s President, Ms. Ratiba Al Hefni, who also spoke at the Conference, said that peace was necessary for art to flourish.

Kudos, organizers and participants of the 21st Conference of the Arab Academy of Music, on this significant gathering. Our respectful thankfulness also, Your Excellency Jeryes Samawi and Academy President Ms. Ratiba Al Hefni, for your valuable participation in this laudable event.
We pray that a melodious and tranquil world is soon our reality, with Allah’s munificent blessings.
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