Connecting Friends:The Bethlehem Peace Center (In Arabic)   
Connecting Friends:The Bethlehem Peace Center (In Arabic)  
Situated just south of the ancient city of Jerusalem, the holy city of Bethlehem stands atop a prominent limestone ridge approximately 750 meters above sea level. This holy place is sacred to those of the Islamic,Christian, and Jewish faiths.

Rachel’s Tomb, a pilgrimage destination for adherents of these three religions, is here.Bethlehem is also the birthplace of Jesus Christ and therefore a very special place for Christians around the world.
Every year, over a million visitors are drawn to Bethlehem,and the friendly Palestinian people readily welcome them as their honored guests.

In the heart of this West Bank city there is a center that opens its doors to all persons. The facility serves to unite the community and acts as a welcoming place for those from abroad to learn more about Bethlehem, its people, and the surrounding area.

Please join us on today’s episode of Good People, Good Works, as we feature the Bethlehem Peace Center, a symbol of Bethlehem’s harmonious and wonderfully diverse culture. Mr. Michel Nasser,director of the Bethlehem Peace Center, graciously offered to tell us more.
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