Goda människor, Gott arbete
Jerusalem Peacemakers: You and Me in the Circle of Love   

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 GOOD PEOPLE GOOD WORKS Irish Aid in Zambia: Our Lady’s Hospice and Umoyo Day Center for Orphans - P1/2
 GOOD PEOPLE GOOD WORKS Al-Manarah: Nazereth’s Lighthouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired - P1/2 (In Arabic)
 GOOD PEOPLE GOOD WORKS Dr. Habiba Sarabi: Afghanistan’s Peacemaking Governor (In Dari)
 GOOD PEOPLE GOOD WORKS Ancient Ways and Nhimbe for Progress: The Spirit of Working Together
 GOOD PEOPLE GOOD WORKS The Santa Shoebox Project: Celebrating the Giving Spirit of Christmas
 GOOD PEOPLE GOOD WORKS Step Right Up to See the Sustainable Living Roadshow!
 GOOD PEOPLE GOOD WORKS Seeding Hope: Andeisha Farid and the Afghan Child Education and Care Organization - P1/2
 GOOD PEOPLE,GOOD WORKS The Afghan Coalition – Guiding Lives, Lifting Spirits, P1/2 (In Dari)
 GOOD PEOPLE,GOOD WORKS H.A.N.D.S On International - Helping All Nations in Deeds and Service
 GOOD PEOPLE GOOD WORKS Assyrian Aid Society: Restoring the Splendid Spirit of Ancient Assyria - P1/2 (In Assyrian)