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2011: A Year in Review   

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 World Premiere of “The King & Co.” An Epic Series Written and Directed by Supreme Master Ching Hai - P 1/10
 Repris av ”rädda vår värld” konsert från Mongoliet P1/8 (på mongoliska)
 Aulacese (Vietnamese) Modern Folk Opera: The Heavenly Lamp - P1/4 (In Aulacese)
 Aulacese (Vietnamese) Film: A Tiger that Leaves the Mountain Faces Challenge - P1/3 (In Aulacese)
 The Greenest Heroes Gala - P1/10
 Shining World Compassion Award: Dr. Ian Clarke – Bringing Health Care and Change to Uganda – P1/2
 Devoted to Love: Sain Zahoor, Sufi Musician from Pakistan – P1/2 (In Urdu)
 Aulacese (Vietnamese) Modern Folk Opera: Filial Loquat-Leaf Medicine - P1/4 (In Aulacese)
 Aulacese (Vietnamese) Modern Folk Opera: A Golden Lesson - P1/4 (In Aulacese)
 Daud Khan Sadozai: The Spirit of Afghan Music (In Dari)