Study shows cannabis more detrimental to teens than previously known – 23 Dec 2009  
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Study shows cannabis more detrimental to teens than previously known


A new Canadian study published in Neurobiology of Disease found that daily intake of cannabis, or marijuana, in youth can cause depression and anxiety along with irreversible adverse long-term effects on young brains.

Focusing on the brain compounds serotonin and norepinephrine, which are linked with mood and brain function, teens who use cannabis were discovered to have decreased serotonin transmission, leading to mood disorders, as well as increased norepinephrine transmission, which causes increased long-term susceptibility to stress.
As one of the first to evaluate how cannabis influences depression and anxiety in adolescents, it is also one the first to show that marijuana consumption causes more harm during adolescence than adulthood.

We are thankful for these important findings on the damaging effects of this illicit drug especially for youths.
May such information help all teenagers make wise choices for a full and bright future filled with wholesome possibilities.




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