Relief news update from Âu Lạc (Vietnam) - 2 Oct 2009  
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In the first week of September, relentless downpours flooded the central regions between Đà Nẵng city and Bình Định province. In addition to at least six fatalities in Quảng Ngãi province, in the heavily hit Ea Súp district of Đắk Lắk province, hundreds of tons of harvested rice were damaged where 80 houses were gravely inundated.

On September 7, Supreme Master Ching Hai asked that our local Association members go and help in any way possible while sending her heartfelt condolences, love and prayers. She also donated US$15,000 for those most urgently in need, including the orphaned, elderly and injured. This amount could purchase US$252,000 in urgent materials, if bought in the United States, based on Âu Lạc’s cost of living.

Covering their own traveling expenses, our Association’s relief team from Âu Lạc completed the relief work in Quảng Điền District, Huế City, and Thừa Thiên Province. They then went to Đắk Lắk province to distribute basic food necessities and treats to 300 of the most disadvantaged households. The Red Cross informed our relief team that the victims lacked food and had not received any assistance. Our Association members also donated money to five paralyzed people to help thempurchase wheelchairs.

(All in Aulacese)
Relief recipient (F): On behalf of this village, I would like to thank Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association for assisting people affected by storm and flood in village IRV.
Relief recipient (F): We wish to thank Supreme Master Ching Hai for assisting the residents in village 14. We also feel encouraged.

VOICE: The Quảng Điền Red Cross also conveyed their gratitude for Supreme Master Ching Hai’s loving support, and sent her a letter of appreciation, with the following excerpt that read:

(In Aulacese)
Quảng Điền, Sep. 19, 2009
“Respectfully Addressed to Supreme Master Ching Hai: Supreme Master Ching Hai’s concern was a great encouragement for the poor in Quảng Thái, Quảng An and Quảng Phước communities. On behalf of the households which received Supreme Master Ching Hai’s gifts in this time, Quảng Điền Red Cross really thanks Master’s caring assistance.”

VOICE: We, too, thank Supreme Master Ching Hai for her wholehearted aid and comfort from afar, and our Association’s relief team for their helpful endeavors. Wishing the Aulacese people a smooth recovery of their fruitful day-to-day lives as more people join in fostering a kinder environment.