Relief news update from Poland - 5 Jun 2010  
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Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association relief news update from Poland.
In May, the Central European nation received an onslaught of relentless rain that resulted in the worst floods in over a decade, claiming at least 18 lives. Tens of thousands of people were also displaced as rivers burst their banks and 48,000 farms in the basins of the two largest Polish rivers, the Vistula and Oder, were submerged.

As the Polish government and nongovernmental organizations struggled to render timely aid to the afflicted, Supreme Master Ching Hai had also donated US$10,000, conveying her deep condolences and prayers as she asked that our Association members please go help those most in need.

Our Association members from Poland and France determined which were the worst-stricken communities and quickly went to conduct relief in two separate teams.

Covering their own expenses, one group went to Łódź province in central Poland, while another drove to Silesian province in the south, where some 350 households had been afflicted.

Though the roads were in such poor condition that it caused one of the relief team’s cars to break down, they continued on to the heavily-hit Wilamowice town and Bestwina village in Bielsko County, where they found that homes, farms, and crops everywhere were inundated.

There, they helped 40 families in need, providing them with nutritious plant-based food as well as cleaning, medical, and hygienic supplies along with informative SOS leaflets on the vegan solution to our current planetary instability.

The relief recipients were touched and expressed their gratitude for Supreme Master Ching Hai’s aid. Our appreciation, all Polish governments, organizations, and individuals, for your meaningful assistance to the flood-afflicted in Poland.

We also thank Supreme Master Ching Hai for her wholehearted care of the vulnerable, as well as our Association members for their diligent endeavors.

May Heaven bless Poland with a smooth recuperation, as such weather extremities subside through humanity’s transition to kinder, eco-conscious ways.