Cozinhando com um Hangi Pit: um banquete tradicional maori neozelandês com recheio de presunto vegano - Parte 1/2    Parte 2   
Parte 1
Parte 2
(For all ingredients, please use organic versions if available)
Stuffed Vegan Ham:
1 vegan ham roll
2 cups breadcrumbs
Water to mix
2 capsicums
1 onion
2 apples
Celery stalks
Salt and pepper
Vegan egg replacer

Stuffed Pumpkin:
1 pumpkin
Grated apple
Chopped cabbage
Salt and pepper
Cloves garlic

Other vegetables (traditional for a hāngi):
Kumara (sweet potato)
Sweet corn
Garlic cloves (Add any vegetables of preference)

Directions (to prepare hangi pit):

  1. Dug hangi pit which is a hole in the ground here, that is about 600 millimeters by 500 millimeters
    And it’s about 400 millimeters deep
  2. Loaded it with newspaper on the bottom
  3. Put twigs and smaller sticks on top of the newspaper as kindling
  4. Laying a lattice work of bigger pieces of wood on the top to make a stack to put our hangi stones on top
  5. Stacking the volcanic rocks on top of the wood stack
  6. Pile them in a way that when the fire is burning and the rocks are getting hot, they all drop into the pit and the rocks end up hot at the bottom of the pit
  7. Set fire to the paper to get it burning
  8. This is probably going to take about 2 or 3 hours to burn down, to keep these rocks hot
Directions (to make a vegan stuffed):
  1. Mix the water in with the egg replacer and make a nice thick paste
  2. Put the frying pan on
  3. Add a couple of tablespoons of oil
  4. Cutting the onion up
  5. Sauté the onions
  6. Sweeten the onions
  7. Cut 2 capsicums into squares
  8. Sweeten them up with the onions
  9. Sweeten until they’re separate and become a bit transparent
  10. Finely chopped 3 sticks of celery
  11. Peeling the apples (you can replace the apple with apple juice if you want)
  12. Grated the apple
  13. Peeling the onion then cut halfway
  14. Mix in the whole 2 cups of breadcrumbs with grated apple
  15. Mix them with the fork
  16. Mix some of the herbs in (1 teaspoon each)
  17. Put a few shakes of salt and pepper into the stuffing mix
  18. Add a little bit of water
  19. Add ½ a cup of breadcrumbs
  20. Keep the stuffing mixture moist
  21. Add a few more breadcrumbs, another ¾ of a cup
  22. To finish off our stuffing, add the capsicum and onion mix
  23. Add the “no-egg.”
  24. Keep blending
  25. Add a little bit more thyme to the mix
  26. Add pinch more sage
  27. Mix it
Directions (to make vegan ham roll):
  1. Cut the vegan ham very careful (we’re going to unroll the roll)
  2. You make a sheet about ¼ inch to 3/8 of an inch thick
  3. Add the stuffing
  4. Coat the whole roll
  5. Roll carefully
  6. Hold it
  7. Bind it with a piece of string, and we’re basically just tying it to keep it all together
  8. Trim off the end
  9. Put that on a plate
  10. Baste it with a bit of vegan hickory sauce which is a barbecue sauce that has a smoked
    Hickory type flavor
  11. Wrap it in tin foil before it goes into the hangi basket
  12. Spread it over
  13. The remainder of the stuffing which is going into tin foil to be wrapped and
    Cooked in the hangi
Directions (to make stuffed pumpkin):
  1. Peel the kumara (sweet potato) and the sweet corn
  2. Scrape the pumpkin seeds out
  3. Grate the potato
  4. Cut the cabbage into strips
  5. Put grated potato and cabbage into the pumpkin
  6. Put some garlic in there
  7. Bind our pumpkin up to stop the lid popping off
Directions (to cook using hangi pit):
  1. Line the basket with tin foil
  2. Put vegan ham roll, stuffed pumpkin, kumara (sweet potato), sweet corn, potato, some garlic cloves, the remainder of our stuffing, silver beet leaves or swiss chard into the basket
  3. The vegan ham roll goes on the bottom
  4. Put these next to each other
  5. Put the potatoes around the outside
  6. Put our cloves of garlic through
  7. Put sweet corn
  8. Put our cabbage and leaves on top
  9. One final layer of tinfoil on the top
  10. Put the basket top of the rocks
  11. Used cloth and sacks which are soaked in water, which are covered over the food over the baskets and covering the entire pit
  12. The earth from the hole of the pit is put on top of the pit to seal any escaping steam
  13. And with the heat retention, the food cooks in over 2–3 hours
  14. Maintain the pit so that there is no steam escaping to keep the heat inside, to keep the food cooking
  15. After about 3 hours – the food cannot be overcooked – it is then excavated, and the food is removed, taken to table and served to family and friends

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