Campanha Salvem os Humanos! - Parte 1/2    Parte 1

6.7 Billion people live here…
60 Billion farmed animals live here…
Where is the food coming from to feed them!?
Where is their waste going!?
At what ecological expense!?
At what humanitarian expense!?
At what expense to our children!?
M:  This is the world's inconvenient truth.
F:  One vegetarian in an SUV is more eco friendly
M:  than a meat eater on a bicycle. Save the human!
M:  38% of the world's grain is fed to animals. Save the human!
M:  1.1 billion people in the world do not have access to clean water
M:  while 20,000 liters is used for just 1 pound of beef. Save the human!
M:  Change your diet!

HOST: Welcome, loving viewers,to another episode of Good People, Good Works on Supreme Master Television. We just saw an excerpt from an upbeat, uplifting and artistic short film from the Save the Human! campaign, a creative, caring movement launched on March 1, 2009 in Hong Kong by Bobsy, a Lebanese-born Lebanon-born English artist.

In just a few short weeks the campaign has touched the hearts of both local residents and also people around the world through the Internet.

Bobsy:  The campaign is to raise the awareness about the number one Cause of pollution today. That’s not transportation or cars, or even industry; the number one cause of pollution today is our diet. It’s what we eat every day. 

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