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      10 Sep 2011
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 World's first 'home grown' African first-aid guidelines
In medical news, specialized first aid guidelines focus on Africa. In conjunction with African Red Cross Societies, a group of African-based medical experts have developed a set of recommendations for training first responders to emergency situations. The materials highlight assistance requiring little or no equipment. The authors envision that such timely interventions will help increase recovery rates. Our sincere appreciation, medical team and African Red Cross. May your laudable efforts help safeguard and enhance the lives of many precious children of God.
 Now, yoga classes in govt schools
In education news, yoga is to be offered in all government schools in Bihar, India. To encourage balanced development in students, 1,100 trained yoga instructors will be providing classes in state educational institutions. It is envisioned that this will help pupils reduce stress and support a healthy lifestyle. Kudos, Bihar government, for this caring initiative. May it bring many benefits of body, mind, and spirit to the bright young students of your state.
 Study confirms that living with a smoker increases absenteeism in school children
FN… US study shows children from smoking households miss more school. A new study published on September 2, 2011 in the journal Pediatrics reports that children exposed to tobacco smoke in their homes are absent from school more often than their counterparts living in smoke-free environments. The study, led by Dr. Douglas Levy of the Mongan Institute for Health Policy in Massachusetts, USA also found that smoking exposure had a direct impact on illnesses causing the absences. Children living with two parents who smoked were afflicted at least 34% of their absent time with such conditions as ear infections and chest colds.

Our thanks, Dr. Levy and team for this eye-opening study confirming the harms of secondhand smoke, especially for the vulnerable such as children. May we all eliminate such life-threatening consequences to ourselves and innocent youths by choosing to live smoke-free.
 Rising sea level greatest climate change threat: Pachauri
SAVE OUR PLANET...UN leaders call for urgent action on climate change. Addressing scientists at the International Center for Integrated Mountain Development in Nepal on Tuesday, September 6, UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Chair Dr. Rajendra K. Pachauri warned that sea level rise is the most dire, irreversible, and abrupt change humans can expect to witness if actions are not taken to contain and mitigate climate change. His talk came after a visit to the Indian coastal region of Rameshwaram, where he noted signs that people were already being forced to migrate due to rising seas. UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon spoke similarly, having just visited several of the low-lying island nations most at risk. These included Kiribati, where he said that some villagers have already had to relocate as their land is either contaminated with salt water or has disappeared beneath the encroaching waves. Secretary-General Ban stated, "Climate change is not about tomorrow. It is lapping at our feet -- quite literally in Kiribati and elsewhere. ... Climate change is a distinct threat to humanity, it is even a threat to international peace and stability.”

Ban Ki-moon, Secretary-General, United Nations: We are running out of time. By 2050, the population will reach 9 billion. That is a 50% increase compared with 2000. By that time, we will have to reduce, we must reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 50 percent. This is what I call the 50-50-50 challenge.

We appreciate your deep concern, Your Excellencies, and your efforts to raise awareness about an increasingly perilous situation. May everyone realize the need to take rapid actions to preserve our beautiful earthly home.

Speaking at a December 2010 videoconference in the United Arab Emirates, Supreme Master Ching Hai addressed the devastating implications of climate change, as well as how to reverse its effects.

Videoconference with Supreme Master Ching Hai
Dubai, United Arab Emirates – December 7, 2010

Supreme Master Ching Hai: It’s not a very pleasant thing to inform your friends that their house is in danger, that their life is in danger. It could break your heart. Now, scientists have already reported on sea level rise in Egypt, desertification and climate refugees in Syria, dust storms in Iraq, floods in Yemen, etc., etc.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: Livestock farming is the major cause. It’s more than all the transportation combined, more than all the ships, the airplanes, the cars, the railway, whatever transportation, you name it, it’s nothing compared to livestock raising, in pollution rate. You can log on to all kinds of scientific facts or the UN’s Livestock’s Long Shadow website to see all this. So the people could accomplish the most effective green change by removing all animal products. You have the power to do it. You have to. You must. We all must. All countries must do this. Otherwise, we will suffer too much, too much. Very soon.
 Halmahera, Indonesia: Ash cloud 800 meter high at Dukono volcano
FN… Volcanic activity increases in Indonesia. On the northern tip of Indonesia's Sulawesi island, Mount Lokon erupted four times on Tuesday, September 6, after increased volcanic activity had been noted the previous week. The eruptions produced thick white and gray smoke, and although the seismic activity began to decline, the nation's Volcanic and Geological Disaster Mitigation Center maintained a Level III alert status as a precaution. Meanwhile in Halmahera Regency of North Maluku Province, the Dukono volcano spewed ash up to 800 meters into the sky, prompting a Level II alert status as officials asked residents to evacuate a two-kilometer radius around the foot of the volcano.

Our appreciation, Indonesian officials, for your careful monitoring of the situation. May all lives be protected from such potential dangers through humanity’s gentler ways as a vegan world.
 Tropical Storm Lee remnants: rain pounds East Coast, 10K evacuated near Binghamton, New York
FN… Mass evacuations in eastern USA as tropical storm Lee hits. Faced with major flooding soon after rains from Hurricane Irene wreaked havoc less than two weeks previously, some 130,000 residents in the states of Pennsylvania, New York, and Maryland were evacuated on Thursday, September 8. At least four people perished in Pennsylvania and one in Maryland as residents in northeastern Pennsylvania and the hard-hit Binghamton in New York witnessed the worst flooding of the Susquehanna River in nearly 40 years. Transportation was disrupted in the eastern USA from Virginia northward to Massachusetts, with rail services halted and hundreds of roads, many that had just re-opened, closed once again due to floods and mudslides. With several rivers, including the Susquehanna, that have not yet crested, officials warned of further flooding that could occur, and the National Guard was placed on standby.

Upon hearing this update, Supreme Master Ching Hai asked that our Association members please go if possible to assist the flood-stricken as she offered US$20,000 for the most needy cases, with all her sorrowful prayers and love.

Our sincere appreciation, officials and all personnel working to ease the situation, as well as for Supreme Master Ching Hai’s compassionate aid. May such extreme weather conditions subside as we foster more eco-conscious and caring lifestyles.
 Floods, heavy rains played havoc in Sindh, claim 16 lives
FN… Relentless rains take a toll in Pakistan. According to various media, extreme downpours have claimed the lives of more than 23 people in the past few days alone in southern Pakistan's Sindh province. As rivers have continued to rise, evacuations have been ongoing, with 2,000 people rescued Wednesday, September 7 in a joint army-navy operation from towns within Mirpur Khas District, an area that on Thursday had received 168 millimeters of rainfall within the previous 24 hours. Since the start of the monsoon season, over 130 people have died and hundreds of thousands of houses have been damaged or destroyed, with some villages accessible only by boat. An estimated 4.9 million people have been affected, many of whom are struggling to find adequate food and water, with some 800,000 still in temporary shelters following last year's devastating floods. More than a million acres of crops have been affected, and the wet conditions have also spurred the spread of potentially fatal diseases such as malaria and dengue fever. On Wednesday, President Asif Ali Zardari and Sindh Chief Minister Qaim Ali Shah visited some of the most recently flooded regions, after which President Zardari ordered the the victims to be provided relief and rehabilitation. Due to the scope of the damage, the government is also seeking additional assistance through international aid.

Upon first hearing of the disaster caused by the rains in the country, Supreme Master Ching Hai on August 20 sent all her love and prayers as she offered US$15,000 in emergency aid, requesting that our nearby Association members please go if possible to comfort the most vulnerable, or send the funds to a responsible humanitarian agency. This amount could obtain US$198,000 in necessities if purchased in the United States, based on Pakistan's cost of living.

We are thankful for the caring initiatives of President Zardari, other officials, the military and all relief personnel, as we also thank Supreme Master Ching Hai for her kindhearted support. In sadness for the lives lost, we pray that such distressing conditions are eased through our greater kindness toward all beings on Earth.
 S. Korea to Deepen Cooperation on Reconstruction Efforts in Sri Lanka
In response to Sri Lankan External Affairs Minister Gamini Peiris' request for assistance in post-conflict rebuilding, South Korean Foreign Minister Kim Sung-hwan offers his country's technical expertise in delivering services like electricity to benefit lives, especially in rural areas.
 Vice-Premier meets Kyrgyz President, Azerbaijan's Vice
Acknowledging their countries' nearly two decades of diplomatic ties, Kyrgyz President Roza Otunbayeva and Chinese Vice-Premier Li Keqiang agree to further increase their countries' cooperation as they witness the signing of several new trade and technology agreements.
 Mechanic Rescues Seizuring Driver From Moving Vehicle
American mechanic Michael Perry rescues driver Christopher Sanders, who had lost consciousness after suffering a seizure, with his vehicle threatening to go out of control until Mr. Perry stopped his own truck and jumped into the weaving car, guiding it to safety.

For his unhesitating and selfless action, Supreme Master Ching Hai is honoring Mr. Perry with the Shining World Hero Award.
 Premier calls for sustainable use of land, resources
SAVE OUR PLANET... During an inspection of the nation's Ministry of Land and Resources on September 2, 2011, China's Premier Wen Jiabao called for more sustainable initiatives to preserve natural resources as well as protect arable lands for the benefit of future generations.
 Norovirus found in Canterbury rivers
WARNING NEWS… Officials in Canterbury, New Zealand issue warnings on September 5, 2011 advising the public not to collect or consume shellfish from water bodies around the Avon-Heathcote Estuary, where extremely high levels of harmful Norovirus have been detected.
 Russia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Tajikistan to Set Up Anti-Drug Centre
Russia, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Tajikistan agree to create a joint center, located in Kabul, Afghanistan, to combine the efforts of the four countries in halting the trafficking and production of illegal drugs for the improved health and safety of the public.
 King voices pride in Chechen community
In a meeting between King Abdullah of Jordan and Chechen Tribal Council President Abdul Baqi Jamo, His Majesty acknowledges the many contributions made by the minority ethnic community as he offers support for constructing facilities such as sports clubs and other institutions.
 Sea Shepherd Marks Their ‘Little Green Holm’ Island as a Seal Sanctuary
SAVE OUR PLANET... Returning from a campaign to halt the slaughter of pilot whales, on September 1, 2011, marine conservation group Sea Shepherd stopped off in the Scottish Orkney Islands to post a sanctuary sign on the "Little Green Island Holm," a small isle Sea Shepherd purchased in 1985 to protect and create a safe haven for seals in the region.
 'Heroes of Fukushima' win Spanish concord prize
Employees of the Fukushima power plant in Japan are bestowed with Spain's prestigious Prince of Asturias Award for risking their own lives after the massive March 11 earthquake and tsunami as they worked to stabilize nuclear reactors and prevent a wider disaster.
 New Zealand doubles funding for Horn of Africa crisis
New Zealand’s Foreign Minister Murray McCully announces a donation of US$2.5 million to the International Committee of the Red Cross to alleviate malnutrition for Somali mothers and children as well as provide food and safe drinking water for one million people.
 Venezuela and Turkey sign deal for Caracas-Istanbul flight
To increase bilateral trade and cooperative relations, the Venezuelan and Turkish governments sign an agreement to initiate direct flights between Caracas, Venezuela and Istanbul Turkey, as well as work more closely together in the areas of housing, energy, and cultural exchange.

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