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 Radio interview with Supreme Master Ching Hai continues this Saturday

The first part of a candid interview with Supreme Master Ching Hai conducted by Radio Formula QR 92.3 FM in Cancún, Mexico, discussed the vegan solution for saving the planet from climate change. This interview’s second part will be aired on Saturday, December 4, at 9:50 am and can be accessed freely online from anywhere in the world. In speaking with listeners the previous week, some already said that they would become vegetarian.

Pilar Jufresa – Radio host: Would you be interested in being vegetarian or vegan? Yes, why? No, why not?

Listener : Sure, because of the obesity trend we have nowadays in Mexico. We are one of the countries with the highest rates of obesity, and yes, eating vegetarian, it would be very, very tasty, wouldn’t it?

VOICE: The radio station’s host also shared her thoughts about the interview.

Pilar Jufresa – Radio host: As I told Supreme Master Ching Hai, when a person changes his behavior, he modifies it in all ways. And she agreed. We can achieve what she is proposing. I agree with the Master. The truth is, I felt as if she were here at the table, here in Cancún. It was a great pleasure to talk to her.

VOICE: The following is an excerpt from the upcoming broadcast this Saturday.

Telephone interview with Supreme Master Master Ching Hai by Radio Formula QR 92.3 FM
Cancún, Mexico

Supreme Master Master Ching Hai: In Mexico, I think everyone can implement the solar power, because in Mexico we have plenty of sun and all the time. That is the big blessing from Heaven, the Sun. The Sun not only can afford our eternal energy, also heal our sickness and make us happy, joyful, intelligent and content, contented.

Pilar Jufresa – Radio host: Yes, the sun does shine a great deal in our country.

Supreme Master Master Ching Hai:   To be vegan is already a very big step towards sustainable energy as well, because when we use vegan diet, it take only fractions of all the energies that is needed to keep a meat diet. So in choosing vegan, we already cut a big chunk of energy waste by our diet.

You can tune in to the upcoming continued broadcast of the interview with Supreme Master Ching Hai via live streaming radio on the internet site, airing on Saturday, December 4 at 9:50 am in Cancún, Mexico, or 4:50 pm Central European Time

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Supreme Master Television ended broadcasting on January 2, 2012

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