Music and Poetry

Until Sunset & Another Song for Huyền Châu
In Appreciation of Famed Aulacese (Vietnamese) Composer Nguyễn Văn Tý (“Resonance”)
What the HECK & The Bodhisattva’s Lotus
Commemorating Beloved Composer Thu Hồ’s 10th Anniversary of Passing
A Tribute to Aulacese (Vietnamese) Eminent Composer Phạm Duy: Music in People’s Hearts
Love in the Land of Freedom & White Dress
An Interview with Celebrated Aulacese (Vietnamese) Singer Vũ Khanh: It’s Not So, My Love & Tell Me
Quicken, O Love & A Little First Love
A Tribute to Esteemed Aulacese (Vietnamese) Composer Phạm Đình Chương
My Home & Lunar New Year at the Red Cross Office,Interview with Composer Bảo Chấn
Mourning Dương Khuê & Grieving for Love (In Aulacese)
“Transcending Space and Time”:Honoring Legendary Aulacese Singer Thái Thanh
A Conversation with Famed Singer Lê Uyên: Like the Clouds High Above & Faded Love
Dream of Woodside Streams & Once Upon A Love Poem
*I Will Forever Love You *Praised Be the Providence *Interviews with Oscar and Emmy- winning Composer Bill Conti & Soprano Giorgia Fumanti
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