Quan Yin Meditation: Many Faiths, Oneness in the Divine    Part 3
Quan Yin Meditation: Many Faiths, Oneness in the Divine  Part 3
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Since time immemorial, humanity has searched for the nature of existence.
As long as this Journey of Self has been walked, the Quan Yin Meditation Method of immediate enlightenment has been there to illuminate the path.

Given many names throughout the ages, this contemplation on the inner Light and Sound has opened a way for the Divine Higher Self to offer loving guidance to the initiate’s Inner Essence on their walk back to the Original Home.

From all walks of life, individuals from every religion and school of thought have embraced this meditation method, offered free of charge by Supreme Master Ching Hai.

Zoroastrian(f): Greetings, cherished viewers. I am an Iranian Zoroastrian initiate.
Sikh(m): I’m a Sikh.
Christian(f): I am a Christian.
Bahá’í(m): I’m a Bahá’í.
Jewish(f): Shalom (Jewish greetings), I’m Jewish.
Buddhist(f): I am a Buddhist nun.
Conquest (m): Halo viewers, I was once an atheist.

HOST: Today, in the first of a 4 -part series on Our Noble Lineage, we are featuring discussions with some of our Association members who are deeply devoted in their religious faiths, and have discovered the Quan Yin Method to be a precious accompaniment in their spiritual lives.

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