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Loving Hut opens in “America’s Finest City.” San Diego, California, USA, now has one more reason to be proud. Loving Hut International was born out of the compassionate wish of Supreme Master Ching Hai to introduce healthful, delicious vegan foods to the world. Wherever a Loving Hut has opened, in dozens of locales throughout three continents so far, governments and communities alike respond with warm welcome. San Diego is no exception, according to City Council Member Todd Gloria.

City Council Member Todd Gloria – San Diego, California, USA (M): I think the benefits of, this sort of eating habit is undeniable. So having places like the Loving Hut is important.

VOICE: Also joining the recent grand opening was Bob Linden, host of Go Vegan Radio (GoVeganRadio.com), who shared his joy for Loving Hut with a remarkable observation.

Bob Linden – Host of Go Vegan with Bob Linden Radio (M): Just the heroic action of that group of people at one table, in a year will save ten acres of trees, will save a thousand animals, and will save over 3 million gallons of water in the production of our food in a year. It’s a great celebration of being vegan, and I appreciate that Supreme Master embraces going vegan so much, and it is so important now because of the way the environmental implications are.

VOICE: As all present enjoyed the delicious international fare, including hearty entrees, unique desserts, and refreshing drinks, an entertainment program featured Truth on Earth, an acclaimed rock band with a message of non-violence.

Kiley – Truth on Earth social action vegan band, USA (F): A lot of people have also written in to us, from all over the world saying that after seeing our music video called “Factory Farm,” they have now become a vegan or vegetarian.

Serena (F): Our parents were vegan when they met, and they raised us vegan. They always gave us a choice whether to be vegan or not, but we always chose to be vegan because we feel it’s the best way to eat and help save the planet.

VOICE: The grand opening of this Loving Hut indeed showed that people are aware and eager for a better way of life, including the San Diego government.

Council Member Todd Gloria (M): What we’re trying to do is to streamline the city’s processing system in order to make it easier to have community gardens, so that people can have that option if they want to eat healthy, fresh foods.

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