Holodynamics Science - A Conversation with Dr Vernon Woolf - P1/2    Parte 1
Holodynamics Science - A Conversation with Dr Vernon Woolf - P1/2  Parte 1
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Welcome beloved viewers to Science and Spirituality for our two-part series on Holodynamics.
Dr. Victor Vernon Woolf is the chairman of the board of the US-based International Academy of Holodynamics and author of 10 books, including “The Dance of Life: Transform Your World Now!”
He is an internationally known public speaker, an experienced trainer, seminar leader, therapist,
and entrepreneur.

Dr. Woolf has a bachelor’s degree in physics, a master’s degree in religious education and educational psychology and a doctorate in child development and family relations.
Through books and workshops he teaches the science of Holodynamics.  Holodynamics is the study of life energy and the human potential. It says we are in a living and ever-changing holographic information system whose structure is deeply connected with human consciousness.  
Our Supreme Master Television correspondent recently had the opportunity to speak with Dr. Vernon Woolf about this science. We begin with him providing a further explanation of the term “Holodynamics.”

Dr. Woolf (m):
Basically it’s reality. We live in a conscious universe. Here’s one of the things we found out –that everything is driven by potential. It’s David Bohm, his (book) “Science and the Implicate Order.”
He says, “Everything is driven by potential.” So every set of circumstances where I am is driven by some potential. We figured out, well if we apply that, how does that apply to human problems?
Every problem is driven by its solution. It means we’ve set the whole thing up. We designed it so we could manifest our potential. And people who get a hold of that dimension, suddenly realize it.
But to get a hold of that dimension, you have to put on, new glasses. I call them holographic glasses.

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