Poland cracks down on designer drugs - 11 Oct 2010  
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Poland seeks to prohibit designer drugs. With these so-called legal substances being linked to several fatalities in recent months, a new legislation set in motion by Prime Minister Donald Tusk has passed Poland’s parliament and is awaiting approval from the senate and president. Once enacted, the measure will ban production and distribution of psychoactive substances that produce similar highs to illegal drugs. Violators who make and distribute these so-called “designer drugs” would face steep fines and even imprisonment if they are found to have placed the health of youths at risk. Police have been going to designer drug shops, with more than half of the 1,800 visited thus far being closed down. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Tusk is urging further protection of young people through a European Union-wide ban on the drugs.

Our sincere appreciation, Prime Minister Tusk, Parliamentarians and Poland for your actions to safeguard especially youths from these harmful substances. May legislation pass swiftly in your country and throughout the world that brings the freedom and security of intoxicant-free living to all societies.
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