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Elme az anyag felett - A titkos erő a shaolin vasfejű kung-fu mögött   

HOST: Welcome, intelligent viewers, to Science and Spirituality on Supreme Master Television.
Many who have seen Chinese martial arts films are surely impressed by the incredible kung fu feats performed by well-known action stars. However, kung fu, literally translated as 『achievement through great effort,』 is more than just for entertainment. It is a real body-and-mind training exercise.

One of the most enigmatic kung fu techniques is called 『Iron Head Kung Fu.』 It is one of the 『72 Arts (72絕學)』 of the Shaolin Monastery, taught at the famous ancient Chán (see Host Coord for audio pronunciation guide) or Zen (禪) Buddhist temple in Songshan, Henan Province, China.On this episode, Formosan (Taiwanese) coach Lin Sheng-Jie, a 34th generation Shaolin household disciple, who has mastered Iron Head Kung Fu, will participate in a series of experiments conducted by Dr. Chang Rong-Sen,
a professor in both the Department of Optics and Photonics and the Department of Life Science at the National Central University in Formosa (Taiwan).

The objective is to detect the existence of ‘Qi,’ a life energy force, and to demonstrate the effects of moving qi around the body. Mr. Lin started his kung fu journey by practicing qigong, a traditional Chinese mind/body exercise.

Please read and translate For more information on Dr. Chang Rong-Sen:
please visit www.DOP.NCU.edu.tw
Lin Sheng-Jie: please visit tw.myblog.yahoo.com/relaxandbuddha-shoaling

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