Szív vonal
Tárgy :   animated movie about Master´s Bird
Poster :    Ms Bruna Pacheco
Dátum :    February 11, 2011
City :   São Paulo
Ország :    Brasil
I would like to express my deep thanks for Suprema Mestra Ching Hai
and for all members the team who created and produced the touching
animated movie about Master´s birds, presented during that
important meeting wiht Supreme Master Ching Hai in Cancun. 
Was so touching, delicate and funny that filled my hart with tenderness
and joy.
I also thank all the Master´s birds for so much love and noble lessons
that they give us, the human beings.
I hope see the movie soon on Supreme Master TV.
With gratitude and affection,
Bruna from Brazil


Supreme Master Television ended broadcasting on January 2, 2012

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