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Posted writing: 1,947
No Subject Poster City Country Date
1797 for joke of the day Leprachaun End of the Rainbow Ireland October 7
1796 Little Mongolian Angels on Vegetarianism: The Noble Way of L… Gustavo São Paulo Brazil October 7
1795 wonderful songs! tabary nantes france October 1
1794 THANK YOU SUPREME CHING HAI Luug Pernambuco Brazil September 30
1793 I love animals amarzaya ulaanbaatar mongolia September 30
1792 Wonderful Music Program Thuy Duong Val dOr Canada September 29
1791 THANK YOU SUPREME CHING HAI Lupércia Paulista- Pernambuco Brazil September 25
1790 THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! :D Zefri Haryanto Pekanbaru Indonesia September 24
1789 share to all my feeling Undral Ulaanbaatar Mongolia September 22
1788 GREETINGS beri Addis Ababa Ethiopia September 22
1787 Oh... little girl^^ ulsan korea September 19
1786 Music and Poetry: Celtic Band Gaelic Storm's Carefree P… Linh Hanoi Aulac(Vietnam) September 17
1785 Thank you to Master Ching Hai Marie & Les Glastonbury UK September 16
1784 4th Anniversary Love Ocean Plano USA September 15
1783 4th Anniversary Love Ocean Plano USA September 15

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