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The Lotus Children’s Center:Didi Ananda Kalika’s Care for Mongolian Kids (In Mongolian)   

Welcome, gentle friends, to Good People, Good Works.
Today’s program celebrates the dedicated, selfless deeds of Australian yoga teacher Didi Ananda Kalika.
Through her non-profit organization the Lotus Children’s Center, Didi Kalika provides homes for up to 150
abandoned, abused and neglected children in the town of Yarmag, near Mongolia’s capital of Ulaanbaatar.

Didi Kalika (f): I’ve been living in Mongolia for 16 years now. I came in 1993. When I first came,
there was quite a problem with children in Mongolia and not enough people to take care of them.
So I started looking after some of the kids living in the streets. So I founded the Lotus Children’s Center.

For more information on the Lotus Children's Center
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