Good People Good Work
Pedaling for Peace and the Planet (In Persian)   

  Virtues in Us: The Children's Virtues Development Project,Founder Karyn Robarts 
 Australia's Heroic Volunteer Firefighters 

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 From Film to Flora & Fauna:Mike Pandey, Founder of Earth Matters Foundation (In Hindi)
 Search for Common Ground: Bringing Peace to the People
 Green Organizations: United in Saving the Planet
 Hoops for Health: The Kids Venice Basketball League (KVBL)
 Pedaling for Peace and the Planet (In Persian)
 H.A.N.D.S On International - Helping All Nations in Deeds and Service
 The Lotus Children’s Center:Didi Ananda Kalika’s Care for Mongolian Kids (In Mongolian)
 Kids for Saving the Earth
 The Afghan Coalition – Guiding Lives, Lifting Spirits (In Dari)
 Al-Manarah: Nazereth’s Lighthouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired (In Arabic)