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Hoops for Health: The Kids Venice Basketball League (KVBL)    Part 1
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Today we feature  two-part series on the Kids Venice Basketball League (KVBL) which hosts the Natural Leaders Camp, a free nine week summer day camp for children.

Kids Venice Basketball League is a part of the Venice Basketball League, an adult league that plays in the magnificent Venice district of Los Angeles, California USA and features some of the best street basketball players in the world.

Jon Nash and Nick Ansom, who are the founders of the Venice Basketball League, created KVBL for children of all socio-economic backgrounds from the greater Los Angeles area.

The Natural Leaders Camp provides leadership training, teaches healthy lifestyles, and raises the environmental awareness of the children. In addition, participants learn yoga from famous instructors such as Rainbeau Mars, pick up basketball tips from some of the best players in Venice Basketball League,
receive fitness training from renowned vegan body builders, and eat delicious organic raw vegan food.

HOST: The many constructive activities provided at the Natural Leaders Camp are in ways a reflection of the things Mr. Nash wishes he had been exposed to when he was a child.

Jon (m): It was just basically what I would want to do when I was a kid living in Compton (California, USA), living in Watts (California, USA), in the hot sun, not being able to do anything.
So I think I want to come to the beach; I want to play basketball. I would love to have known what yoga was; I didn't know what yoga was. . I would have loved to know what raw food was and organic food was.
And I would have loved to know about how to clean up the environment and how to plant trees.

For more details on the Kids Venice Basketball League, please visit

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