Find Safety & Protection by Walking the Way of Heaven - Aug 2008 International Seminar   
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And sometimes it’s boring in this world, if you don’t sleep, you don’t eat, what else to do? That’s the thing. We have enough food to eat, actually. You’re not taking food away from anyone. It’s just that some eat too much. And the meat consumption is the worst. Meat consumption is the one that takes away all things - water, cereals, and the vegetable protein, 90 percent of it.

So, it’s taking away a lot of the world resources. And water, 70 percent of it. So even if we don’t shower, we don’t brush teeth, it amounts to nothing
when they don’t stop eating meat.

We’re going to damage this planet. The resources will be running out. It’s already running out. And also a lot of people stockpiling their food also, because they worry about climate change.
But before that, the food is already short. 862 million people are hungry worldwide, this year alone, because of meat diet. Because all the food are fed to the animals; the resources and the land and everything. I can never talk enough about that. It is ridiculous, that somebody eats so much, and somebody eats little. It’s not like if they eat meat then everything healthy and good and happy for them, and they could be enjoying forever. It’s not. If they keep eating like that, they will also be gone. If the Earth’s gone, and finally no more resources,nothing else to eat then.

The knowledge that we gain from this world is not complete, it’s not complete. It’s okay just to add two and two make four, that’s it. But for every other thing in the universe, we have to rely on our wisdom in order to know. For example, like when I told you about the four or five years time, if we are not doing anything, then we’ll be in trouble, because the gas might be released from the ocean, and we might be poisoned. It will be in the air,so I only mentioned that,because if only rising water, you can get a boat, a yacht, if you’re rich, or build one like Noah. Or go live in a mountain, etc, etc. Or go in the helicopter and wait or have a helicopter that even park on the water.

There are airplanes and helicopters which can land on water. Some people can afford it, and they may be able to kind of escape the danger of rising water. But not when we have poisonous gas in the air, and all kinds. And that was before I knew about the scientists’ discoveries, saying the year 2012. Now we have scientific evidence and support, so that’s what it is. So that knowledge doesn’t come from my school learning. No schools have taught that. And I’m not like a scientist per se that I sit there or I calculate all these weather forecasts or I know about all the agricultural, or the ocean gas. I don’t have time also to sit there and calculate by mathematics and come to that conclusion.

I just know that from insight. And then later on, it turns out that I was correct. And since we have the scientific back up, then we could go out to help disseminate this kind of information. Or go to help people.So I have to thank the scientists for this because without their back up, I don’t know if I can even tell you to go out to distribute flyers about the climate change and all that.

Every time they predict something, it did not happen. But I’m telling you why it did not happen either. There are more enlightened people in the world, more vegetarian people, more compassion, more helping each other, more loving kindness in the world, then this is powerful. It keeps pushing the negative power away, away from the edge, away from harm. And so, the more we are doing our program right now, like having Supreme Master Television broadcasting all the constructive news, and the more you distribute the flyers, more people become vegetarian, then of course the more stable the planet’s weather and safety will be. That’s what it is.

Nowadays, disasters are more frequent than ever. If it’s not earthquake, then it is storm, typhoon, drought. Western American now worries about water. This is an even more permanent disaster than just an earthquake, which lasts not long. Anyway, the bad karma has to be paid. If the people turn to noble lifestyle, just even be vegetarian to save the planet, to save the animals, that’s enough to save them also. But they have to listen. Even if you pray for the earthquake not to happen, something else will happen to those people who have to experience this kind of thing unless they turn their heart around and take refuge in their own loving great power, compassionate nature; that’s their only refuge.

If you pray for this not to happen, next thing, another thing will happen. And sometimes, the more delay,the more interest. Karma has to be regulated. I’m very sorry. If we could pray for everything to stop, I would have told you. We can also pray, it might be minimized. But maybe minimized in some sense, but the people who have to experience it, have to go through it some other way or somewhere else later on. And maybe even more intense. They have to experience more intensive consequences.

We know this is not good. We see all the cruelty and all the cleansing action going on on the planet. On one hand, we feel very sorry for the people; on the other hand, it’s not much help we can do for them, except telling them that “You can help yourself, by turning back to your own positive power. By being kind, you’ll be looked upon kindly. By saving lives, your lives will be protected.Treat others with love, you’ll be treated like that and more, multiple-times in return.” We can pray for world peace, we can pray for the planet as a whole, but people have to change. Because suppose we save them now, this earthquake won’t happen and the people’s lives will be spared.

But their life, it will be the same. They will continue the same old life. They will eat meat, drink or killing, or killing animals.Warring with each other, drinking alcohol and damaging themselves. Then after they die, they will go back to another planet, or go back here and suffer the same fate, maybe even more. The more we delay, the more we have to pay.

(m1): We know Master and allthe brothers and sisters in our group, and other groups try to voice about the global warming. But scientists say the government does not listen to them. So the question is, if all the governments in the world don’t listen don’t listen to Master yet, what would happen for the beings in the future?

 What happens? You will see what happens. I don’t want to say yes or no, right now. I hope it’s okay. I hope they will change.
And I’m fixing my attention on that. It’s better to fix attention on the positive.

(m1): Yes, thank you.

Not only the flood, but the fire from the volcano hidden in the earth will also break out and it’s difficult to hide from both. And also erosion, a lot of things. And not just that;diseases, shortage of water and people might die slowly and agonizingly. And I just hope that day won’t come or at least to the majority of the people, that they will change their way of life. Because only walking in the way of Heaven, that they will find safety and protection. There’s nothing else that can help them in this time of urgency.

That’s why I keep telling them:
have to be compassionate,
have to be vegetarian,
turn away from blood,
turn away from killing,
turn away from murderous action
or supportive action.

Because when people eat meat, it’s pitiful, they just don’t know what they are eating. They know it, but they just don’t really think too much about it. It’s already made, it’s chopped into pieces, put on the table. So mostly, they do not realize that so much suffering going behind this piece of meat, so they keep eating it. But even if they don’t kill the animals themselves but the collective bad karma still will go onto them.

But because of the excuse that they don’t know, they have not been truly educated about the harmful side of meat, not just physical, but the spiritual, mental, emotional, everything for the soul. They have not been truly educated on that topic. So because of that excuse, Heaven is still lenient, and waiting for them to turn around.

And I do hope they turn around.That’s why we are doing our best to inform them, to tell them the truth about meat.And so we hope that they can understand it soon.

It’s too late now to save the whole planet. It’s too late now to save everybody on the planet. We can save some, only if they turn around. If they turn around one step, Heaven will come to them 99 steps. It’s the time of grace, but it’s not extended forever.

It can be postponed for a while on the intervention of good people, spiritual people, loving people like yourself, like your brothers and sisters here, praying for grace for other people. Yes, it could be extended for a while, postponed for a while, so that they have a chance to turn around. But it cannot be extended forever. It’s very sad for people who are not educated about this and have been told oppositely. That’s why I feel sorry for the people. They don’t know what they’re doing.

 There are some reports that people are listening. From a global conservation organization, WWF, “World Wildlife Fund states that although the average Briton uses only 150 liters of water per day for activities, such as drinking and washing, the indirect or virtual water used through food and textile purchases bring the average up to 4645 liters per day. So much of this hidden amount is coming from meat consumption.” Now they admit it.

Wonderful, wonderful! I mean, some. I wish the whole world, just say the word, “Veg”. Let’s say just one word that we like very much, the magic word, “Veg”. Every time when take photo, say “Veg”!
“Please, Veg!” So much of this comes from meat consumption, I told you, yes? With the meat and dairy lifestyle using some 5,000 liters of virtual water per day versus a vegetarian diet’s use of around 2,000 liters. I think it’s less. Less vegetarian, and more for the meat, but they just calculate approximately.

“These findings are supported,” mark this, “by another report commissioned by,” mark this again,“UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown…

 …which recommends reduced consumption of meat and dairy for personal and environmental health.” Wow! I told you so! No, no, truly, when I read this, I was so happy, happy. Finally somebody did something. I think he is so brave, Prime Minister. We support him! Hurrah, hurrah! I’m going to write him a thank you letter. All of you, the Britons, you write him, thank you! He’s so brave!
I love this guy. Oh, such a good guy! Who would believe it?

He even recommends reduce the consumption of meat, and dairy even, for personal and environmental health! He probably is the first Prime Minister ever said this openly. He’s cool guy, hey? So cool. Such a good news like this. Beautiful! This report, commissioned by British Prime Minister Gordon Brown. My God! It’s the best thing he’s ever done to his soul, and his country, and his world! Bravo! Applause!

The report even -commissioned by him, by His Excellency Prime Minister -even points out the known health risks of consuming meat and dairy, which include cardiovascular disease, cancer disease, illness and even death from contaminated meat products. The report also highlights livestock’s significant contribution to global warming. Alright, looks like we have hope...

 …to begin setting the trend for the whole global vegetarianism. When Prince Charles was telling some people in the politician arena that we have to do something for global warming, like protect the forest, organic farming -he voices his opinions a lot -and some say that he’s meddling with politics. I think that is not fair to him. He is a prince, and maybe he’s a future King of England, one of the most powerful countries in the world.

He has the right to say whatever he thinks. It’s correct. That’s number one. Number two, global warming is not politics, is it? No! It’s life and death, concerning anybody, everybody. Including himself and his children even! So even as a private citizen, he already has the birthright. More than hundred percent right to speak his mind about how people should begin, or already should start long time ago, to protect

the environment or to go vegetarian even. Protecting the environment, vegetarian diet is not politics. Where can politics go in there? So I hope His Royal Highness will speak much more. England is very democratic, yes? But we have to use democracy in the right way! I really feel very sad for those people who are not having self-respect by not respecting someone else. This is not civilized and gentleman manner.

This is not the British way of behaving, no? We have to respect each other, not to talk about that he is a prince, he is the Head of the State. He represents England. The Queen is England, Prince Charles is England. As a prince, he sometimes has to do things not the way he wants. But he’s just true to his heart, as much as possible.

And you cannot blame somebody who is true to his heart, no? You should be proud that a prince has everything he wants, but so true to his heart! In protecting the world and in everything else. He is as true as possible for a prince. All they did was trying to do good, to be good, to behave the way the Royal Household should behave.

If anything else happens, it’s not in our hands always. It’s in destiny also.And also in the destiny of the nation. Everything happens in that nation, to one individual or to the Head of the State, it’s also a reflection of the whole society of that nation.

We mention Prime Minister Gordon Brown being so brave and commissioned such a report to speak out because he wanted to inform the British subjects what he thinks is correct. Because he cares about the life and the health of the people of his country. For a head of state to come out and to state the truth like that, one of the first ones, to commission such a thing and admit it publicly that meat is no good for you, even dairy product is no good for you. So it’s incredible. I really love this.

Milk and dairy product gives you a lot of diseases as well. So, anyway, mostly people only say, meat is no good. But even in the report say that dairy is no good also. A guy who is so brave like that deserves to lead the country, yes? Being a Prime Minister even, deserves all the votes of the British people.

Whoever tells the truth is my friend. Whoever tries to protect the life of his co-citizens and co-animal inhabitants is my friend. And my friend deserves the best. Just like I give you the best, I will give any of my friends the best. That is the only thing to do. That’s the only logical thing to do. Oh, I’m so happy, I’m so happy about this.

I hope the Prime Minister of England is not the only one. This is going to be a trend. Critical mass is working. It’s not yet reached, but it’s already working. I love it. Wow! Wow! Even if I have to work day and night, not eating and not sleeping, I don’t mind, until we reach the goal, and then it will work by itself. We almost reach the critical mass.

If people repent in their heart and react quick enough, turn to a vegetarian diet, with the grace from Heaven, with the interference from the positive power, we might be able to save 80% of the population of the planet. Otherwise it would be 80% of the population, minimum, would be gone. Instead, it will be 80% saved.

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