Goa Gajah : la grotte aux éléphants de Bali, Indonésie (en indonésien)

Greetings,warm-hearted viewers,and welcome to today’s The World Around Us on Supreme Master Television. On this episode, we’ll visit the Goa Gajah,a sacred place in Bali, Indonesia. The Goa Gajah literally means 『Elephant Cave.』 It is located in Bedulu village,26 km from Denpasar and just outside of Ubud. The elephant refers to Ganesha, one of the most well-known and revered Hindu deities. The son of Lord Shiva,Ganesha is the remover of obstacles and misfortunes and a god of wisdom and intellect,as well as a patron of the arts and sciences. In Bali,Ganesha is called Gana. Pejeng, the area where the cave is, was once the capital of Bali during approximately the 9th to 14th century. With the shape of a 『T,』 this 7-meter deep cave cannot be dated exactly. Some predicted that it was built in the early period of the 10th century,the time of the Udayana Kingdom. The cave lies in a steep valley near Petanu River. It is a very tranquil area here, making it a wonderful place to meditate.

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