Vegetarian Elite - Spice Williams-Crosby:The Story of a Hollywood Action Actress    3ème partie
Spice Williams-Crosby : l’histoire d’une actrice de film d’action d’Hollywood – partie 1 / 3  3ème partie
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Spice(f): When you’re born a twin in Hollywood, you’re born with tap shoes on and pigtails (hair style) and you’re all ready. You come out of the womb that way. you know.

HOST: Welcome, magnificent viewers. Today and over the next two episodes of Vegetarian Elite, we have the pleasure and honor of sharing the life of vegan Hollywood actress, stuntwoman, and bodybuilder Spice Williams-Crosby.

We’ll hear about her life as an actress; see her in action weight training and teaching defense; attend an audition with her; and get a glimpse into her family life, including talks with her son Luke and her husband Greg Crosby, the first grandson of the legendary Bing Crosby.

Learn more about Spice Williams-Crosby, Hollywood action actress, fitness coach, & co-founder of Spice of Life veg products at
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