“Climate Chaos in the South: The Victims’ Story” - with Film Director Geert De Belder   
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African victim (f): Just as long as the drought doesn’t get worse. Life has become really hard in recent years.

African victim (f): The wind dries out the trees. It’s difficult to find food. All in all, life is hard.

HOST: On today’s Enlightening Entertainment we present excerpts from the insightful environmental documentary, 『Climate Chaos in the South: The Victims’ Story,』 directed by the gifted and caring filmmaker Mr. Geert De Belder from Belgium.

The film presents the heartrending reality of people to whom climate change impacts are real and now. It has been praised for its unique way of highlighting the human side of the story.

Lord Nicholas Stern–Climate expert, UK(m): And it’s the poor people of the world, who are particularly vulnerable to the effects of the weather.

Pavan Sukhdev-GreenIndianStatesTrust,India(m): You don’t just emit CO2 into the air, you lose livelihoods for the poor.

HOST: Regarding the film, Tineke D’Haese, a  photographer for Oxfam, commented, 『The testimonies force you to take it seriously. The situation is clearly shocking, even without showing pictures of catastrophes.』
Dirk Hendrikx from the Belgian newspaper 『Gazet Van Antwerpen』 wrote:  『(A film) for all who still doubt, and for those who want to see the damages of climate change. With clarifications by experts, and testimonies and pictures leaving a lasting impression. Highly recommended.』

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