Media report: Veg fare halts climate change. - 23 Dec 2010  
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In an article authored for the renowned BBC News, published on Tuesday, December 21, United Nations Environment Program's Executive Director Achim Steiner urged for continued efforts to limit global temperature rise to below 2 degrees Celsius, if not the 1.5-degree limit needed to protect some island nations.

Speaking of the recent United Nations Climate Change Conference in Cancún, Mexico, Mr. Steiner reminded that despite some gains, there is still the important task of reducing greenhouse gas emissions further than current government pledges by an amount equivalent to at least that of all the world's transportation combined.

As the most effective way to achieve this goal, and even more, a global switch to a plant-based diet has been discussed by researchers and advocated by Supreme Master Ching Hai during her time at the conference and in meetings with the press in Cancún, Mexico this month.

In support of this cause, the Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association also helped to spread awareness at the Climate Change Village expo during the official talks, attracting not only delegates and the public, but also the media to the organic vegan solution.

In one article titled “Veg Food Saves the Planet,” “The Peninsular Magazine” based in the Yucatán region of Mexico reported as follows:

Men and women in the world have a unique opportunity to change the planet in a simple and healthy way: to stop eating meat and become vegetarians. That is the main message from the Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association, one of the most visited stands in the theme park of the Climate Change Village, which was installed in Cancún, Quintana Roo, by way of the talks of COP-16.

VOICE: Providing free information about the impact of livestock raising on the climate along with delicious vegan food samples, our Association's booth was encouraged by Supreme Master Ching Hai's dedication to the environment.

As the article noted regarding her presence in Cancún: “...Master Ching Hai arrived in Mexico with that message ... some 20 years ago and since then has not relented in her efforts to promote the consumption of fruits and vegetables, as it is a healthy diet and at the same time saves the planet.

…According to studies, the amount of gases discharged to the planet [by livestock raising] is larger than that produced by the polluting industries.”

We thank Executive Director Steiner for your concerned voice and “The Peninsular Magazine” for sharing the vegan way to address global warming. May citizens the world over choose this vital course to survival now, for all beings and the Earth.

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