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Following negotiations with members of the indigenous communities in West Kalimantan, Indonesia, palm oil company PT Agro Wiratama announces plans to return 1,000 hectares of its 9,000-hectare allowance back to the community for their continued sustainable development.,,

As part of an effort to reduce energy consumption and boost green technologies, European Union Energy Commissioner Günther Oettinger unveils a plan to help ensure that all 27 member states begin implementing measures for an eco-friendly smart energy grid by 2012.

Supreme Master Ching Hai : To some extent, it depends on how deep the karmic retribution of the whole population of the planet people. If it’s a lot of bad karmic (retribution) heavy weight, then we need a lot more spiritual practitioners to uplift it.

But the best is the people have to awaken themselves and neutralize the negative effect of what they have been doing. And the more practitioners, the more beneficial and uplifting energy we will have to counter darkness in the world.

But, we must also put this vibration into action, this knowledge into action as well. We have to just turn around and change our concept, determine to live a nobler, more compassionate life and walk the way of love.

We have to determine, to decide that from now on we will not harm any beings at any cost. Instead, we will help everyone to evolve,to enjoy life in the name of God, in the love of the Buddha.


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