PLANETA TIERRA: Nuestro Querido Hogar
El método de agricultura natural de Yoshikazu Kawaguchi – P1 de 2 (japonés)    Parte 1

Hallo, splendid viewers, and welcome to Planet Earth: Our Loving Home. Today we will explore a wonderful method of natural farming from Japan.

Mr. Yoshikazu Kawaguchi (川口由一) has been practicing what he calls the “Natural Farming” method in Sakurai City, Nara Prefecture, Japan for 30 years.

This method is gentle to both the environment and our bodies, because it complements nature well. He developed this eco-friendly style of agriculture after falling ill from the chemical fertilizers he routinely applied to his crops. Mr. Kawaguchi also started the Akame Natural Farming School 19 years ago for those
who wished to be trained in Natural Farming.

Students can learn the systemthrough actual practice in rice fields. The Natural Farming method uses no fertilizers or chemicals, very little water and adheres to the philosophy that crops should be allowed to grow freely and thus human intervention is required only when absolutely necessary.
Let us now meet the wise Mr. Yoshikazu Kawaguchi.

For more details on Yoshikazu Kawaguchi, please visit

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