Alex Arndt & the Sonic Paradigm: Rockin' Songs of the Universe   
Alex Arndt & el Paradigma Sónico: Canciones que mecen del universo  
A lilting welcome to all our music loving viewers! Our special treat for you today on Vegetarian Elite is a wonderful musician who’s had music in his heart since the day he was born, and whose compassion for all life leads him to be vegan.

That musician is Alex Arndt – singer, songwriter, and lead vocalist of the Sonic Paradigm.

As you will see in today’s show, Alex’s spiritual understanding is expressed in the lyrics of his songs that spann different genres, reflecting his unique musical style.

“My Innocence Begins Today” Performed by Alex Arndt Written by Kay Glynn, Inspired by Punya
I’m so sorry for the pain I’ve created All I want is peace for all living beings I can’t change yesterday So, my innocence begins today

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