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Greta Thunberg (vegan) Tells the World: Be Vegan to Save the Planet

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Greta, whose efforts to halt climate change have been internationally recognized, has received numerous honors and awards, including the Shining World Heroine Award and the Normandy Freedom Prize of France, was named Time’s youngest-ever “Person of the Year,” and was listed by Forbes as one of the “World’s Most Powerful Women.”

Greta first heard about global warming at school when she was eight. She was deeply concerned and started reading everything she could find about climate change. When she discovered that raising livestock is the foremost cause of greenhouse gas emissions, she immediately adopted a vegan lifestyle and insisted that her family do the same.

Thus, in August 2018, Greta began protesting every Friday in front of Stockholm’s Parliament buildings. She stood alone, holding a hand-made sign reading, “School Strike for Climate.” When reporters asked her why she was not in school, she said that climate change was more urgent than education, and we must change the way we live if future generations are to survive.

As awareness of her cause grew, Greta began to receive numerous speaking engagements. In December 2018, she addressed world leaders at the United Nations Conference of Parties (COP)- 24 Climate Change Conference in Katowice, Poland.

“Our house is on fire. I am here to say, ‘Our house is on fire.’ According to the IPCC, we are less than 12 years away from not being able to undo our mistakes.”

In May 2021, Greta helped make a short film called “#ForNature.” In this powerful documentary, Greta clearly explains in her own words the connection between raising livestock and the many crises facing our world today: pandemics, biodiversity loss, climate change, and more. She tells viewers that to simultaneously solve all of these problems we must make a global shift to the compassionate, noble vegan lifestyle.

Greta not only wants all people to adopt the vegan lifestyle, but she also wants world leaders to truly assume their leadership role. She sent the following tweet to her millions of followers: “We – the 99.9 percent – have a responsibility to put pressure on the 0.1 percent in charge who refuse to stop the ongoing destruction of present and future living conditions for life on Earth.”

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