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The Soulful and Exuberant Tabitha Brown (vegan), Part 3 of 3



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Through prayer, Tabitha received the message to share with others what she was eating as a vegan. Adopting the plant-based diet reversed her debilitating, mystery illness that had left her largely incapacitated for nineteen months. But upon reflection, Tabitha noted that there were other signs showing that eating animal derived foods were causing her harm. Regarding a plant-based diet, Tabitha wisely suggests, “Know your why” for going vegan. From personal experiences, she knows how many health benefits can come from the vegan diet and the immense impact to one’s life. Tabitha is also a very creative individual, from acting, to creating T-shirts, and even designing stunning waist capes for women called “Capeable by Tabitha Brown.” Tabitha is also a comedian, and has been cast in many films, including the multiple award-winning “I Am Still Here,” “Laughing to the Bank,” and others. “Listen, without art, it's a cold world, honey. Art helps us escape. It helps us dream. It helps us see things in a different way. Art is everything, like our life is art.” “Art is laughter, it is tears, it’s emotion, it’s everything that makes the world go around and without it, it’s a dark place. So I feel like, I'm living art, that's kind of how I live my life, I'm expressive. You know, I'm full of laughter and smiles and art is love, and that's definitely the best part of me, is the love. When you spread love, right? Like you’re smiling now, ‘cuz I'm smiling, right? That's art. So, my artistry is contagious. So yeah, I love it. Even as an actor, I love comedy.” Supreme Master Ching Hai has spoken on several occasions about artists and the importance of art in our lives, as in this conference with Aulacese (Vietnamese) artists in 2018. “The artists are the ones who bring a lot of mental and physical comfort, a lot of happiness, a lot of joy, to the people in this world. An artist is someone who comforts our spirit, and is indispensable in this life. Why don’t we thank them? We should at least have gratitude.”
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