Den Biolandbau fördern: Das Zentrum für Nahrungsmittelsicherheit   
Niles(f): If you really want to make a change and you really want to make a difference, you really need to be thinking about what’s on your plate from a meat and dairy perspective and looking for alternatives and choosing those.

HOST: Hallo, eco-conscious viewers, and welcome to Planet Earth: Our Loving Home. On today’s program, Meredith Niles of the Center for Food Safety speaks about food production and its relation to climate change.

The Center for Food Safety is a US non-profit organization established in 1997 to protect the public health and the environment of the United States by working to end harmful ways of producing food and encouraging organics and other sustainable alternatives. 

Currently the Center has numerous initiatives including promoting organic farming, seeking to end the use of GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) crops, raising awareness regarding CAFOs or Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations and their connection to climate change and informing the public of the hazards of food irradiation.

The organization has over 85,000 members throughout the USA. Ms. Niles, a vegan, is the Climate and Agriculture Consultant at the Center and also the director of the Cool Foods Campaign.

The Campaign is one of the Center’s most important projects and seeks to publicize the link between food, particularly livestock production, and global warming.

For more details on the Cool Foods Campaign,
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