Vegánstvo: Ušľachtilý spôsob života

Susana Chavez (vegan) - From Slaughterhouse Worker to Vegan Activist, Part 1 of 2

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Susana Chavez is committed to stopping the needless suffering of animal-people, especially those regarded as food. Her determination stems from her experience of being employed to kill chicken-people as a teenager. Having seen the inhumanity and degradation associated with this work, she now encourages people to embrace a vegan diet. She is now also an elected member of the core leadership team of the global animal-people-rights activist network Direct Action Everywhere (DxE), a recipient of the Shining World Courage-Compassion Award.

Upon reflection, Susana Chavez also noted that the work environment at the slaughterhouse was abusive towards the staff as well. “And then not only I saw the violence against the animals, but I saw the violence against humans. Like the owner of this slaughterhouse was so abusive towards the wife. And I saw a lot of abuse towards the other workers, especially with one particular person that was an immigrant, you know, they didn't belong in Mexico. And he would have to work from five in the morning until eight at nighttime. And there was no breaks for this person. And there was no good pay for them.”It’s important to note that researchers have found that slaughterhouse workers are more likely to turn to alcohol and addictive drugs to cope. Domestic violence is also more likely for slaughterhouse workers. This is a widespread problem.

Fortunately, Susana Chavez’s parents had the foresight to remove her from the harmful situation that she was in, allowing her to reinvent her life. Part of this change included going vegan and adopting a much more loving view of animal-people. “So now, you understand like every single animal, not only chickens, but cows, horses, you know, you name it, they're smart. And they need us to help them to be free just like us. So I feel respect and love for the animals now.”

Nowadays, Susana Chavez’s diet and lifestyle center on compassion for all beings. “Allow your compassion to come outside. We get so busy with work, with school, with our personal problems, but we forget about compassion, and we have to be kind to everyone. Like myself personally, when I became vegan, I started seeing life, completely like pink colors, like, oh my God, look at the rainbow. So, my advice is, look for your compassion. Always look for your compassion.”
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