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Without a guide, is it without an interior work, is it possible to obtain enlightenment? To a very small degree, not to the highest, and and often with a lot of dangers to the health and to the mentality. That’s why we see someone, they’re practice ing alone and they get very weak or they become mentally disturbed or they become possessed; we have heard about this. If you have a Master, this won’t happen. But the Master must be a perfect, a real, a competent Master who has reached the highest goal, who are is omnipresent - means who are is in one place, and in many places, in all places, in the whole universe at the same time.


If we awaken that sleeping spirit up - that is God - then we become God. Like Jesus said, “I and my Father are one.” And then we become one with the whole universe, then we reach the stage which Lao Tzu described as…, means all things in universe are one. Then we become perfect, as God in Heaven, as Father in Heaven, is perfect. At that time, people will say we are the Buddha or the Christ. To reach this stage demands perseverance and regular practice. It’s like a baby, he has to eat a little every day, but every day he must eat; then he grows up and becomes an adult. He couldn’t eat the whole thing and become an adult in one night, and that also would kill him. But he must eat …little, little, …but every day. Now, we must take a little bit of God’s food every day to be great and to be completely enlightened like Jesus or Buddha. Then the inner Man, the God in us, is completely awakened, completely grown up, then we become God, - the God that walks the Earth, that eats, that sleeps, that loves people, and contacts people. Outside - we don’t change; we only change in the consciousness, in wisdom, in the viewpoint of life.


Why do we live in a time so full of disharmony and problems? What is the future of mankind? Because we chose to live in this time, because we haven’t corrected our way of life in the past; but we can correct it from today. And in future, we don’t have to live in this kind of disharmonious world anymore. It’s still not late, not yet the end of the world. If you believe in the end of the world, then correct it quickly today and then escape it. I have the way, I will show you. I will show you at initiation how to escape. We escape into the Kingdom of God; We don’t need to move our house or move the body. We have a metaphysical way to move out of trouble - very safe, very quick. Any instant we can move “in.”


Like someone, as it is stated in the Bible that when he’d seen God, God is like a great flame and Hiers sound is like thunder, like the sound of thunder, like the sound of many waters. When we are initiated, we will have the same experience or even higher.


Some people told me that in the Amazon there are still some tribes that kill people and eat them. Many adventurers went there and never came back. And some escaped and went home and told their story. And I was struck with the feeling of fear - I was feeling the fear of the people who are were being killed at that moment. And I said to my companion, “It must be a terrifying feeling when you know you are going to be killed for lunch.” And he said, “Yes, yes, it must be horrible.” Because that killing way might not be very quick; but it might be slowly even. Because the people, they had no feelings for the victims. They don’t have the habit of thinking how the others who are killed will be feeling. It’s their habit to kill and eat. It’s only for the victim, it must be horrifying, it must be terrible. So, I say this is just the same just as when people kill animals and eat. We’ve lost the consideration for the feelings of the animals.


You are attached to the language, the sutra. What I am teaching is out of the religion, it is without sutra. It’s good to have it, it is okay without. What if all our sutras are burnt tomorrow? Couldn’t we practice without it? There was no Buddhist sutra before Buddha’s time, how did he practice? There was no Catholic no Christian Bible before Jesus Christ’s time, how did he reach enlightenment? There was no Tao Te Ching before Lao Tzu’s time, how did he fulfill the Tao? Ask yourself. All the sutras are beneficial if we understand them it; however, we are harming ourselves if we are attached to the sutras. In this case, sutras are harmful. We have to be aware.


According to the World Bank, developing countries across the globe generate about one-third of global greenhouse gas emissions and endure 80% of their harmful impacts. My humanity is bound up in yours, for we can only be human together. - The Most Reverend Desmond Tutu - Archbishop of South Africa

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