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Meat-free diet drastically reduces carbon footprint. 

A study commissioned by the group Foodwatch, conducted at the Institute for Ecological Economy Research in Germany, compared the greenhouse gas emissions of meat versus non-meat consumption. The study found that the emissions of a meat-eater over a one year period were equivalent to driving a mid-sized car 4,758 kilometers (nearly 3,000 miles). By contrast, a vegetarian diet was found to reduce these emissions by half. Moreover, an animal-free vegan diet produced less than 1/7th the greenhouse gases, representing an emissions savings of 86 percent, while an organic vegan lifestyle was calculated at a 94 percent savings. The study, which took into effect such factors as methane production of the animals as well as feed and fertilizer manufacture, concluded: “Production and consumption, first and foremost, of beef and milk must be cut drastically.” 

Our deep thankfulness, Foodwatch and the Institute for Ecological Economy Research for bringing to further light the true planetary cost of our food choices. Blessed be our world in a smooth transition to the vegan lifestyle for the health and survival of all beings on Earth.,,1518,574754,00.html

Northern Ireland investigates mysterious loss of fish. The Northern Ireland Environmental Agency (NIEA), water quality inspectors, and officers from the Fisheries Conservancy Board have launched an immediate investigation into hundreds of perished fish found in three major waterway locations, all within one week. An NIEA spokesperson said, “It would appear this fish kill was caused by an increase of natural organic matter which is causing a higher than normal pressure on the oxygen levels in the water.”

Our appreciation, Northern Ireland officials, for your concerned investigation of this loss. We pray your research will quickly illuminate its cause to ensure the safety of all God’s creations.