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      1 Jan 2012
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 Chinese scientists help Africans fend off sprawling desert
In eco news, China helps African nations control desertification. According to Xinhua News Agency, Chinese scientists are assisting 200 African officials to set up a 10-hectare research base in a village of Kano State, Nigeria. The goal of the project is regeneration of the local environment and enhancing economic development. Sponsored by Gansu Desert Control Research Institute, Xinjiang Institute of Ecology, and Geography of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the program is expected to be completed by 2013. Furthermore, similar endeavors are being carried out in Egypt, Algeria and Kenya. A standing ovation, Chinese scientists, for sharing important Earth-loving knowledge. May the great lands of Africa once again flourish with lush greenery and vibrancy.
 School solar projects offer students hands-on opportunities to learn about green technology
In education news, students are offered practical lessons to learn about solar power. According to Mercury News, SunPower Corporation in California, USA provided 16 high school students with Solar Academy internships to demonstrate all the stages of how a solar project is developed. The participants, each of whom was given a scholarship of US$1000, took part in a two-week-program given by experts in the field. Furthermore, SunPower Foundation has collaborated with other companies to create lesson plans on solar energy for elementary students. Other solar endeavors in schools include kits being provided so that students can learn directly how photovoltaic panels function. Kudos, SunPower Corporation and other companies, for offering hands-on opportunities for students. May we see many initiatives such as these as we embrace a more sustainable and green planet.
 UNESCO adds 11 items to intangible heritage list
In cultural news,the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization adds 11 traditions to its intangible heritage list. These include Indonesia’s traditional Saman dance; Aulacese (Vietnamese) Xoan singing; a healing prayer by Peru’s Huachipaire people; a traditional weaving by Bedouin women in the United Arab Emirates; Mongolian folk songs on ancient flutes; Yimakan oral story telling by China's Hezhen people; Yaokwa, an indigenous Brazilian ritual to overcome drought by the Enawene Nawe people; Iran's dramatic story-telling, Naqqa-li and the skills of building and sailing traditional boats called Lenjes; Mauritania’s Moorish epic T’heydinn poems; and the Secret Society of Kôrêdugaw, the rite of wisdom in Mali. Our thankfulness, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, for safeguarding precious traditions, artistry, and skills of cultures around the world. May we all appreciate the incredible heritages which enrich our lives on Earth.
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