US city enacts Green Food Resolution to promote eating veg - 1 Aug 2009  
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US city enacts Green Food Resolution to promote eating veg.

The new declaration recognizes the health and environmental benefits of plant-based foods and affirms that such nourishment will be made more easily accessible to city residents.

Proposed by Alderman Margaret Laurino and advocated by Liz Mills, Executive Director of Irving Park Carlson Ministries, Chicago’s City Council voted to approve the measure. This marks the first accomplishment in a campaign sponsored by US-based Farm Sanctuary to adopt the Green Food Resolution in cities nationwide.

Gene Baur, president and co-founder of Farm Sanctuary said, “We applaud Alderman Laurino and the City of Chicago … By promoting access to healthy, plant-based food, Chicago has proven they are second to none in protecting the health of their citizens, the environment and the billions of animals raised for food in deplorable conditions on factory farms each year.”

Alderman Laurino, Ms. Liz Mills and Chicago City Council, we join in lauding your auspicious leadership in providing ample access to wholesome plant-based food. Wishing all Chicagoans and residents nationwide the personal and planetary gains of a delicious vegan diet.


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