Vegan author motivates adoption of the “world peace diet.” - 16 July 2009  
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Vegan author motivates adoption of the “world peace diet.”

Acclaimed writer, lecturer and music composer, Dr. Will Tuttle, travels throughout North America, giving over 150 lectures annually on his book “The World Peace Diet: Eating for Spiritual Health and Social Harmony.” Drawing on historical and scientific evidence, Dr. Tuttle has brought the case to thousands of people that a vegan diet is needed not only for our health and the environment, but also for its cultivation of care toward all beings, which fundamentally changes us and the world we live in.

Dr. Will Tuttle – Inspirational speaker, recording artist, vegan author of “The World Peace Diet: Eating for Spiritual Health and Social Harmony” (M): The real underlying reason for veganism is compassion for all life, caring for others. I think all of us as human beings have a fundamental core of compassion for animals and for others.

VOICE: Countless readers and seminar attendees have become vegans through Dr. Tuttle’s words. He also posts a free daily thought of encouragement, a “Veg Inspiration,” read by hundreds via email and on his website. The July 10 entry was a statement about Supreme Master Ching Hai, reading as follows:

Dr.Will Tuttle(M): “The worldwide followers of [Supreme Master] Ching Hai, a noted Vietnamese spiritual teacher with students numbering in the hundreds of thousands, have set up vegan restaurants in many cities and contribute vegan food, clothing, shelter, and aid to disaster victims, prisoners, children, and the elderly in countries around the world.

Though she requires students to meditate two and a half hours per day, vow to eat no flesh or egg products, refrain from alcohol and non-prescription drugs, and not work in jobs that promote the exploitation of animals or people, her movement continues to spread. It shows the effectiveness of a spiritual approach, because … in less than twenty years she has been the proximate cause of hundreds of thousands of people’s transition to veganism.”

VOICE:  Our accolades and many thanks, Dr. Will Tuttle, for your Earth-saving endeavors. We join in deep gratitude also to Supreme Master Ching Hai whose tremendous love is indeed helping to awaken our planetto a brighter future. Blessed be such efforts to bring more health and tranquility to all through the far-reaching wonders of the world peace vegan diet.

During an interview in July 2008 with James Bean of the Spiritual Awakening Radio program in the US, Supreme Master Ching Hai explained, as in many other discussions, that an animal-free diet has spiritual implications of great magnitude for the planet.

Supreme Master Ching Hai:  When a person partakes in direct or indirect killing of any sentient beings, be it human or animals, he or she enters the cycle of revenge and violence. And it will only end when one stops doing it.

Since time immemorial, nonviolence is always emphasized as a way of life, as the way we should live if we really want Heaven on Earth. I hope sooner, all people will realize this and we will have truly Eden again.


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