Third annual New York City Veggie Pride Parade another success. - 19 May 2010  
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As the veg trend continues to gain momentum, people from an array of backgrounds united in the streets of New York City, USA to celebrate their choice of the animal-friendly vegan lifestyle in the city's 2010 annual Veggie Pride Parade.

Pamela Rice, Veggie Pride Parade New York Organizer (F): There are problems with the meat diet that affect everyone — meat eater or not — sanitation problems, pollution problems, health problems, economic problems!

VOICE: Among the many participants were members of the Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association, who carried banners proclaiming the 100% benefits to body and planet of the vegan lifestyle.
Many other people of all ages and nationalities also joined, donned in costumes and displaying similar messages that demonstrated their dedication to the conscientious veg diet.

Correspondent (F): We're here in New York City, USA for the third annual Veggie Pride Parade.

Volunteer, Tibetan Volunteers for Animals, New York – Vegan (F): Every being wants to live, and I think it’s wrong to consume meat and take their life.

Participant (F): I just think it’s important to at least check out the vegetarian lifestyle, and find out just how healthy it is for yourself, for the environment, and for the animals.

VOICE: The parade began meaningfully in the Meatpacking District of New York City and ended at the Union Square Park. Here, the public was invited to learn more about the vegan diet while enjoying free sample foods from numerous exhibitions.

Also provided were entertainment and speeches including a keynote address by Mickey Z., who writes a bimonthly column for the VegNews magazine called “Mickey Z. Says” that reaches over 195,000 readers in 38 nations.

As during the two previous years, the turnout for the 2010 New York City Veggie Pride Parade was tremendous!

Woodstock Animal Farm Animal Sanctuary Volunteer – Vegan (F): I think it just sends a huge message to anybody in the city or watching this how many people are vegetarian who really, really believe in it.

And it gets bigger and bigger every year. Being vegan, I think, has been the best thing in my life.

Pamela Rice, event organizer (F): We have 40 exhibitors, we have two stages…We filled up the whole park again, I mean this is a massive area, and all of our exhibitors here were just right on cue, and everything as far as I’m concerned went exactly to plan. I’m very, very pleased this year.

Correspondent (F): Reporting for Supreme Master Television in Union Square, New York City, USA.
Participants: Be veg, go green, save the planet!

VOICE: Hats off all organizers and participants of the third annual New York City Veggie Pride Parade! Wishing more and more people discover the abundant vitality of life-sparing, plant-based fare.
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