Contaminated meat recalls raise fears in holiday season – 26 Dec 2009  
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Contaminated meat recalls raise fears in holiday season.



More than 770 pounds of veal suspected of contamination with deadly E. coli bacteria were recalled by a meat packing facility in Ohio, USA after being delivered to three local meat markets. The flesh came from slaughtered calves who were infected at the time of butchering with E. coli that originated from their feces or intestinal material. Also just days before Christmas, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency warned the countrys citizens to avoid certain brands of deli meats processed in Montreal for fear of Listeria contamination.


Consuming these processed meats could cause Listeriosis, which can lead to death in vulnerable populations such as expectant mothers and newborns.


Another dangerous disease originating from pork production is the pandemic swine flu virus, which has now officially claimed the lives of 20,168 people worldwide. However, this number is known to be a severe underestimate of the actual total due to the fact that some countries do not even test for swine flu or have given up testing for every case.


In newly reported swine flu deaths, totals climbed to 38 in Algeria, 191 in Thailand, 815 in India, and 170 in South Korea, where another 50 people also were being treated in intensive care. China recorded 91 new fatalities in a recent one-week period, while the official count stands at more than 440.


We pray for the loved ones of people suffering or perished due to these and other such horrifying and tragic diseases derived from livestock raising. May the filthy, cruel and risk-filled practice of meat production swiftly end, so that only safe and wholesome plant-based foods are served at our families tables.



Reference: C24.


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