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Ibrahim Ahmad Abu el-Hawa – A Jerusalem Peacemaker and His Golden Key of Love (In Arabic)      
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Mr. Ibrahim Abu el-Hawa, who lives on the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem is a living symbol of peace and friendship.

Peace be upon you. You are most welcome.

You are most welcome. You are here on the top of the Mount of Olives, in a special holy mountain which has received a lot of love, this mountain, from thousands of thousands of years. And that the holy mountain, the story from the time of all the prophets, and the story about Moses and Jesus and Muhammad, Peace Be Upon Him.

Jerusalem Peacemakers is a network of interfaith peace-builders, both Israeli and Palestinian, who have been individually promoting peace in their communities.

I always like to go to the streets, to the middle of the city, to look and talk to, and bother everyone on the street, especially the tourist, when they’re really looking in the map, looking for place to find the church or street. I love to bother those people. Because I told them, this map don't help you, you must share with the heart of the country, with the people, you can receive more fast and help and support, we are not dangerous.

Ibrahim comes from a long line of community fathers who have lived on the Mount of Olives since 1,300 years ago.

You see all those tanks on the roof and the black tanks. In every home here this has saved a lot of money on people because that’s from God, from the sun. It can be heated water through 24 hours. As you see, most of those building what you see it’s my family’s. My family’s so strong and big in this mountain and that’s the life how we live here.

Most of the buildings have one family, the father and mother and the children and the grandchildren. Really amazing. There’s no separation, and people don’t move much. Most of the families live together in the same building.

The Mount of Olives has always been a place welcoming travelers. As a child growing up in this place of time- honored hospitality, Ibrahim watched his parents welcoming Christians, Muslims, and Jews to their home. Many books have been written about his family’s open house. Ibrahim’s father, the community leader, worked as a guard for the Russian church. Ibrahim recalls, “As a boy I was meeting and talking to many people from around the world. People give me a lot of energy.”

I really studied love as a child. In that time, after 1948, people don’t have much, and there’s no sugar. You want to drink tea. And the nun gave me a lot of love. The nun gave me a lot of love with a piece of candy, sweet, to put in my mouth, and carry a cup of tea to drink it. I really appreciate that. The same thing, God give me a golden key through my parents, mother and father.

My father didn’t have much but he’s rich in giving. He’d been giving me one kilo of sugar, quarter kilo of coffee, mix it together and go to the children to the street, give them something, some sweet. Always, I found something in my pocket to give to the children, to the babies and all that. I learned in this way of really big, deep love through my life and that's what I am carrying today.

Ibrahim and his loving wife have continued to keep his home as a guest house for international visitors.

When we are here as a kids, we really meet a lot of friends, through this life. We never know about color or Christianity or Muslims or the Jews. We are all brother and sister in this world. And that’s how I studied in my life, to receive a golden key to keep this house open.

The golden key for Ibrahim Abu el-Hawa is simply the principle taught by all religions: treating everyone with love. He “received” the golden key from his father, who had left a legacy of his own as a peacemaker. When we return, we’ll hear about Ibrahim’s father’s remarkable story. Please stay tuned to Supreme Master Television.

We are all one. Because we are all the seeds of Abraham, here, and we are the seeds of Adam and Eve. My belief: there is no separation in this world. We must live here together.

Welcome back to Enlightening Entertainment. Ibrahim Abu el-Hawa has a natural gift of melting people’s hearts and opening their minds. Ibrahim is an ambassador for the Holy Land, and an heir to his parents’ example of generosity. The following is a true story about Ibrahim’s peacemaking father.

There is a guy, he’s a religious man, he is a musician and he is a special rabbi. His name is Shlomokarabakh. Shlomokarabakh, I don't know how he find my father's name. In 1976, they started building that village, and they had a problem between the village, between the Jewish rabbi and the Arab village. And they came and talked to my father.

And my father said to Shlomokarabakh, he told him: “You need only love.” He said: “What's love? How many kilos or how many tons of love I can give my neighbors, my cousins?” He told him: “Easy.” He told him how, he said: “Most of your group are coming here to this country working as a volunteer in this country, and each one coming with their hand bag,” he told them, “let him to bring another handbag with him. Let him to bring some toys, some gifts, some school materials for the children of your cousin, your neighbors, the Arab village.”

And that means the golden key, what the rabbi received from my father. And he started to bring all the materials for the children, for the kids in the village. The kids in the village started waiting for the plant on the ground to bring tomatoes or cucumber or squash to carry to the Jewish village.

As I know, at that time, he came and talked to my father. He told him, “Abu Ibrahim?” He said, “What?” “Really you gave me your golden key, to use it in love.” When the soldiers came to him, he told them: “Any problem?” He said: “No. I want to live with my cousins, with my brothers, forever. I want to give them love.” And really he used that kind of key, key with love, to help his cousins. And he’d been coming, told my father: “You are not Mother Theresa, you are Father Theresa! And we need you, a lot of people like you here.”

I studied from my father, to do that kind of job, to love everyone, and that's really my job today. To love you and to love everyone, and thank everyone who brings support to this land. What I am doing today is not something easy, to have this open home, and always, thank God, I have enough to put food on the table.

And who needs that job? I can go work in the kitchen somewhere in this age. But I don't want to do it. I want to give to the needy, help the people. And really, I love it! You know. I love it so much. And that’s the key, why you are here. You are here from that love, what my parents taught me to welcome everyone.

There are only a few simple rules at Ibrahim’s ten-bedroom house, such as no smoking and no alcohol on the premises. Literally thousands of people from all corners of the globe have found a haven here. Ibrahim strives to keep in touch with them all.

Besides running the open house, when Ibrahim sees people in need, he does everything in his ability to arrange support. He brings clothes or food, helpers or whatever is needed in each situation, through collaborating with his friends.

Christian Friends of Israel, they support every immigrant coming to the land, to welcome them here and help them with the clothes and some food, eye glasses and some healthcare. I receive from that office monthly, at least, one ton of clothes to give to the Bedouins who live in the desert, the needy. I just go and I feel like a raining from the sky. When you see the children smiling, laughing, because I go with some juice, or candy, or sweets or something like that. The sky’s been laughing and smiling.

Peace be upon you.

Upon you too.

How are you?

Thanks Allah.

They are using clothes here for the children. And we brought it here once and they give it to the children one by one. I’ve been coming here many, many years through all those years.

We can see how rich we are when we’re talking to one another about the needs of the others, and really that I feel always, as the best gift of God, what I reach in my life.

His outreach to others and towards the ideals of peace, justice, and dignity has not gone unnoticed. Over the years, peace-oriented people and groups sought after the joyful philanthropist who lived on the Mount of Olives.

God makes my way, and I feel my name is growing bigger, all the time. And I feel all the time, people hear about me! And I look who I am? How do they know me? And people when they give me a call, “Who gave you my name? Who are you?” They say, “We want to come to meet with you, visit with you.”

Richard Gere came here a few times, and every time I’ve been running with him. Really so beautiful, as a man really interested in God.

Then through my first visit to India, I’ve been with a special man called Ravi Shankar, in Bangalore, I’ve been on a stage with this kind of dress, in front of over a million and a quarter, to stay in the stage. Who I am? A small guy with a small heart, but I reached the world. You have to understand, I flew around the world, I am not citizen of any country, I never carry a passport, I have a travel document which I travel with, to the world, and the world welcomes me.

Indeed, as Ibrahim Abu el-Hawa gave so freely of himself, the world returns each gesture manifold.

I'm not allowed to do any mistake in my life, because I want to stay as the way who I am. I want to be just only Ibrahim, a man living for love and gift. I really love to welcome everyone. And come always and send your family to me. Thank you.

You have our heartfelt love and appreciation, Jerusalem’s Peacemaker Mr. Ibrahim Abu el-Hawa. Thank you for showing us, through the life you lead, that it is the greatest blessing and joy to give. May Allah bless you and the kind people of the Holy Land.

Thank you for your company today on Enlightening Entertainment. Coming up next is Words of Wisdom, after Noteworthy News. May the joy and caring in your heart expand evermore.

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Felisiano was loved by us. And he spoilt his children; with anything they need, he tried his best to give.

We all love him. Demonstrating a noble and selfless love, Felisiano Puleanga courageously gave his life to save his son and niece from drowning at sea.

Thank you, Supreme Master Ching Hai. We all appreciate the Award you gave us and all you gave me to read. Thank you. We all love you and thank you for sending us this. Please tune in to Supreme Master Television on Saturday, June 19 for the Shining World Hero Award series for this heartfelt story of a father’s unconditional love.

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