Thế Giới Quanh Ta Những nơi thiêng liêng tại Jericho, thành phố Palestine cổ xưa   

Greetings spiritual viewers. Welcome to today’s The World Around Us. Please join us as we explore the holy sites of Jericho in Palestine.

Jericho, a verdant oasis city in the desert, is believed to be one of the oldest few cities in the world. It is also the lowest city in altitude, 250 meters below the sea level. Due to its geography, this warm and fertile land produces a variety of fruits and vegetables of good quality. Among them the most famous ones are figs, dates, bananas, and citrus fruits. The mild weather here also makes this place an ideal winter resort. However, for many tourists, the most attractive aspect of this city comes from its historical and religious significance.

The name of Jericho carries many beautiful meanings. It is originated from the Semitic word “yerah,” which means “the moon.” To the Syriacs, the city’s name meant “scent.” The city is also called “the city of palm trees” in the Bible. Josephus, the Jewish historian who was born in the year 37, called it “eudaimonestate,” which means “the most blessed.”

The old city of Jericho lies 2 km northwest of the modern Jericho. This site, called Tell es-Sultan, meaning Sultan's Hill, was first excavated using modern techniques by British archaeologist Kathleen Kenyon. Dating to 9000 BC, the site is believed to be the Jericho often mentioned in the Old Testament. Thanks to the dedicated efforts by archaeologists, 23 layers of ancient civilizations at this mound have been uncovered. The existing structures here include stairs and walls that are considered the oldest in the world, as well as the massive round tower, called the Neolithic tower. It is 8.5 m in diameter and 7.6 m in height and dates approximately to 8000 BC.



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